How Much Compensation Can I Claim for an Accident at Work?

In many personal injury cases, there are usually two parts of personal injury compensation, General Damages and Special Damages.

The amount of compensation that you receive after suffering an accident at work injury will be unique to your claim and the particular circumstances surrounding the accident. If you’ve had a workplace injury, the amount that you can claim in terms of compensation will firstly depend on the severity and duration of your injuries. Under law, this is typically known as General Damages.

For example, the Judicial College guidelines award compensation up to £214,350 for serious brain injury, whilst a mild finger injury may be limited to £375. This type of compensation generally covers the "pain and suffering" that you’re assumed to have endured.

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Our Personal Injury Solicitors understand that these injuries and the subsequent consequences may cause more than just financial hardships in moving on. Therefore, this work accident compensation isn’t limited to physical injuries alone, but may also include emotional and psychological suffering.

Moreover, if your accident at work and subsequent injury has a lasting effect on the way you live your day-to-day life, you may be entitled to a larger amount of compensation. You can also claim for financial costs, which are typically known as Special Damages. These may include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of earnings
  • Care and assistance claims (e.g. if you hired a carer or your partner/spouse assisted during your recovery)
  • Travel expenses to appointments
  • Damages to your belongings i.e. a smashed phone screen
  • Loss of pension

When an accident at work results in life-changing injuries, the amount of compensation you may receive could also include money for any adjustments to be made to your home. Even the simplest of workplace accidents, such as a slip and fall, may have a great impact on your daily living. Our Personal Injury Solicitor will therefore consider whether you’re receiving appropriate rehabilitation and medical treatment whilst your claim is ongoing.

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Do I Have a Claim?

As an employee, your employer is under a duty to take reasonable care of your health and safety, and should take all steps and precautions to mitigate any effects of injury. Most accidents in the workplace could be prevented if employers put the right safety procedures in place, and by law, they’re required to follow the procedures outlined in The Occupiers Liability Act 1957. This states that employers must:

  • Have in place an adequate system of maintenance and inspection
  • Warn you of the hazard
  • Cordon off any hazardous areas
  • Maintain the area in a reasonable state of repair
  • Take adequate precautions for the safety of their employees
  • Warn you of any risks of damage/injury they knew or ought to have known about

If you know your employer has failed to put the correct safety procedures in place, and you suffer any loss, you may be entitled to receive compensation for their negligence.

How are Claims Valued?

Valuing compensation isn’t straightforward and requires all evidence to be gathered beforehand. It’s therefore important to tell your Personal Injury Solicitor all the facts as accurately and is as much detail as possible. Please also keep in mind that exaggerating any aspect of the claim can have severe repercussions.

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