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If you’ve suffered an injury or illness which wasn’t your fault while on an all-inclusive holiday abroad, contact our Holiday Claims Solicitors for free legal advice.

The laws surrounding holiday claims are complex, and those at fault may deny responsibility. But please don’t let this put you off – you could still be entitled to compensation.

To find out, contact us for a free consultation and legal assessment. We’ll explain if anyone is at fault for your injuries or illness, and what you can do about it.

Our Holiday Claims Solicitors can help you with a:

Ask if we can deal with your claim on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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Holiday Accident Claims

Being injured in an accident on holiday can not only ruin your entire trip, it can cause ongoing problems when you return back to the UK. If this happened while you were on a package holiday, there’s a strong chance that you’ll be entitled to compensation.

This is because when you go on a package holiday, the tour operator is responsible for your health and safety. This is known as a duty of care. So, even if you’re injured because of the hotel’s failings, the tour operator can be held accountable.

Holiday accident claims can also be made against another company or individual – such as an at-fault driver in a car accident.

Whatever the circumstances, we encourage you to tell us about your holiday accident. We can clarify who (if anyone) is at fault, and what your options are.

Accidents that can lead to successful holiday compensation claims include:

      • Slips on wet floors
      • Trips on uneven surfaces
      • Falls from unsafe balconies or stairs
      • Swimming pool and waterslide accidents
      • Hotel gym accidents
      • Hotel room accidents
      • Road traffic accidents
      • Faulty workmanship

Holiday Accident Case Studies

£33,000 Compensation for Hotel Staircase Accident
£27,000 Compensation for Swimming Pool Slip Accident
£16,000 Compensation for Hotel Gym Injuries

To see different amounts of compensation paid to our clients in a wide variety of cases, see Examples of Holiday Accident Compensation Payouts.

Holiday Illness and Sickness Claims

No one wants to get sick on holiday, especially if it’s due to poor food hygiene standards. Sadly, that’s the reason for most holiday sickness claims. For example, a hotel or resort may leave food out for too long in a hot climate, or fail to treat a swimming pool or clean public toilets, causing you to develop an infection.

Sometimes, an illness will spread amongst holidaymakers at the same hotel. To avoid this, steps must be taken to identify, manage and (if possible) contain the disease. If the correct course of action isn’t taken, leading to an outbreak, you may be able to sue those at fault.

Our Lawyers can often prove there were shortcomings in infection prevention and control. It’s important to get early legal advice in these types of claims, or key evidence may be lost. Our Holiday Compensation Lawyers know what to do.

Holiday sickness claims are often linked to illnesses such as:

        • E. Coli
        • Gastroenteritis
        • Legionnaires' disease
        • Norovirus
        • Parasites
        • Skin or ear infections

Holiday Sickness Claim Case Studies

£10,000 Compensation for Holiday Sickness in Egypt
£8,000 Compensation for Bacterial Bowel Infection

Food Poisoning on Holiday

Anyone who’s had food poisoning on holiday knows just how awful it is. It has the potential to make you extremely unwell. Yet the whole unpleasant experience could have been prevented with basic hygiene practices.

Unfortunately, hotels and restaurants abroad sometimes fail to meet these standards. Common issues include storing food in warm temperatures, washing food with contaminated water, unsanitary food preparation/service areas and serving raw food.

If you developed food poisoning on holiday, or shortly after your arrival back home, you’re probably not alone. We can often identify the source of your food poisoning, and get you the compensation you deserve.

Different kinds of bacteria can cause food poisoning on holiday, such as:

          • E. Coli
          • Campylobacter
          • Cryptosporidium
          • Dysentery/shigella
          • Salmonella

Food Poisoning on Holiday Case Studies

£6,250 Compensation for E. Coli Holiday Sickness Claim
£5,000 Compensation for Food Poisoning at Morocco Hotel

Cruise Ship Accident or Illness

Like package tour operators, cruise ship operators have a duty of care towards their passengers. If you suffer an accident aboard through no fault of your own, or you develop a preventable illness, you could have grounds for a compensation claim.

For more information see Cruise Ship Claims.

Accident or Injury on an Airline

Accidents can happen while you’re flying to and from your holiday destination. Injuries can be sustained at the airport, while embarking/disembarking, and on-board the aircraft. If the airline carrier failed to create a safe environment, it can be held responsible.

While large-scale aeroplane disasters are thankfully rare, in-flight accidents affect a large number of passengers every year. Injuries are commonly caused by:

            • Burns from scalding food or beverages
            • Luggage falling from overhead compartments
            • Slips, trips and falls

Thanks to a law called the Montreal Convention, you’ll probably be able to make a compensation claim against an airline in your home country. So, it doesn’t matter where you were flying to or from, or who you were flying with. If you’ve been injured while on-board a flight, our Holiday Claims Solicitors can help you.

In-flight Accident Claim Case Studies

£7,500 Compensation for Scalding Coffee Burn on Flight
£2,208 Compensation Claim Against Ryanair

About Compensation

A successful holiday claim will ensure that you’re awarded for your pain, suffering and financial losses. This includes things such as:

              • Your personal losses, like the cost of medical treatment and travel insurance excess
              • Your loss of holiday enjoyment, because the experience was ruined by your injury or illness
              • Your loss of earnings, both past and future
              • The cost of care and rehabilitation

When you're making a claim it’s best to have Travel Law experts on your side. At Simpson Millar, we have a dedicated team of Solicitors and Lawyers who only deal with holiday claims – nothing else.

We’re here to help you throughout the claims process. Although we can’t turn back the clock and give you the dream holiday you’d hoped for, we can ensure you’re fully compensated for your damages.

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