Yolanda Shamash Fundraises for the National Autistic Society

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On 21 August 2021, I will be taking part in the Spectrum Night Walk to raise money to support the National Autistic Society.

In my current work, I assist both Legal Aid and private clients with Special Educational Needs (SEN) to get the provision they need to enable them to access education.

I’m taking part in the Spectrum Night Walk because the National Autistic Society (NAS) is a fantastic charity, which deserves more support.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is so often misunderstood, and many families struggle to access much needed resources and support to get them over the hurdles they may face relating to autism. From the diagnostic process, to education, to entering adulthood as an autistic person. That’s where the National Autistic Society comes in. Yolanda Shamash, Education Paralegal

I have close autistic family members, and NAS has been there for me and my family on a number of occasions when we’ve had queries and concerns.

The practical support and reassurance that they offer is invaluable, and more needed than ever in the wake of the pandemic, during which many people with Special Educational Needs have not had access to the resources and support they would usually, or should, have.

In the Education Law team of Simpson Millar, we work with many clients who have, or whose children have, ASD and are struggling to get access to the support or adjustments they need to access education.

But education is just one issue.

The National Autistic Society offers support around education, but it also provides information and resources on all aspects of autism, from the diagnostic process to employment support, benefits advice, and other areas of SEN legislation.

NAS also offers support networks and regularly host events for people on the spectrum and their families, as well as training on ASD for those working in SEN and beyond, and they advocate for people on the spectrum through research, surveys and awareness campaigns.

This is why I’m taking part in the Spectrum Night Walk to raise money for NAS. If you’d like to support the National Autistic Society’s continued work, click here to donate.