Can I Appeal my A-Level Results 2021?

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This year’s Results Day might be quite different to what you expected, as your teachers will give you your grades based on what you’ve been taught.

Although the government and exam boards have put checks in place to make sure the grading system is fair, you could appeal your grades with the school or college if you don’t agree with them and have grounds to do so.

Results Day is always nerve-wracking and emotions can run high. But if you feel you’ve been graded unfairly, you might feel even more stressed if you’re unsure about you can do.

Your appeal will need to be made with your school or college, but you also need to understand if you have grounds for an appeal.

One of our expert Education Lawyers can look at your situation to see if there might be an argument that the grades you got were unfair and if you could potentially challenge them.

We can tell you relatively quickly if we think you have a reasonable argument upon which to base an appeal. If you do, we can walk you through your next steps and take on the entire appeals process for you should you wish to proceed.

Take a look at our Fixed Fee options below.

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How Much Does it Cost to Appeal My Grades?

We are providing Fixed Fee options for initial advice so you can have peace of mind before starting the appeals process.

Your options are:

  • 1. £300 (VAT included) for 1 A-Level or GCSE Subject Appeal Review
  • 2. £420 (VAT included) for 2 Subject Appeal Reviews
  • 3. £540 (VAT included) for 3 or more Subject Appeal Reviews

If we think your appeal could be successful after your review, we’ll provide you with a realistic estimate of how much it will cost before we complete any further work for you. This will be based on our hourly rates, which will differ depending on who does the work. Generally, our rates range from £144 to £288 (VAT included) per hour.

How Can I Appeal My Grades with Simpson Millar?


    Tell us the issues with your grades

    If you choose one of the options above, we’ll ask you to put the issues with your grades and why you think they’re unfair into writing and send it to us.


    Initial advice

    You’ll then have a call with one of our experienced Education Lawyers who can use their expertise to give you initial advice on your options and an indication as to whether you could successfully appeal.


    Centre Review

    If you believe have the grounds for an appeal, you must first ask for a Centre Review at the place you were registered to take the exam. This will normally be your school or Sixth Form. Without a Centre Review, your appeal will be rejected. We may be able to assist with Centre Reviews, but the timing is exceptionally tight.


    Appeal to the exam body

    If your Sixth Form or College won’t reconsider your grades even after a Centre Review, you can appeal to the exam body.

Is there a Time Limit on Appealing My Grades?

Yes. Whether you have a university or college waiting on your appeal results or not, it’s really important that you act quickly. However, the timescales are extremely tight if you have missed your first choice of university and you wish the appeal to be determined within a timeframe that could change that outcome so it is important that you get in contact without delay.

Centre Reviews

If you’ve missed your chosen university place because of your grades, you’ll need to ask your Sixth Form or College for a Centre Review by 16th August.

These are known as ‘priority appeals’.

For any other appeals the deadline to ask for a Centre Review is 3rd September, so time is still of the essence.

Appealing to the Exam Body

If you’ve missed out on your first choice of university, you must appeal to the exam body by 23rd August.

For all other appeals, the exam body review will need to be made by 17th September.

We understand how difficult it might be if you feel your GCSE grades are unfair or you want to challenge your A-Level results even if you’re not going to university, but our Education Law team will prioritise all priority appeals first because the time limits are so tight.

Get Expert Legal Advice Now

Our Education Law Team are friendly and open, and we will always be honest with you about the prospects of success of an appeal. We pride ourselves on our professional service and we will always work to your deadlines.

For initial advice, or to discuss our Fixed Fee options, get in touch today.

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