Claiming Compensation for Slipping on the Ice

Melanie Burden Personal Injury Solicitor
Melanie Burden
Partner, Head of Employer's Liability - Serious Injury

If you slip on icy pavements or other surfaces, we can let you know if you have a good chance of claiming compensation for your injuries.

Ice is a natural hazard at this time of year if temperatures fall below freezing, so you can’t automatically hold an organisation responsible for it. Also, people going out and about in icy weather will be well aware of the risk of slipping from the moment they step outside and will probably be acting accordingly. 

So while proving that a business, council or other organisation was responsible for your accident can be difficult, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Our Serious Injury Solicitors frequently see people suffering serious injuries from slips on ice on surfaces including:

  • Pavements
  • Roads
  • Driveways, paths or steps at privately owned properties
  • Car parks at supermarkets, shopping centres and at work
  • School playgrounds
  • Hospital grounds and car parks
  • Work premises
  • Decking and other wooden surfaces

If you believe you slipped on the ice because another party was negligent, it’s very important to speak to a specialist in this area of law. Our Serious Injury Solicitors are experts in this field and will be happy to speak to you if you have any questions about making a compensation claim.

Contact us for a free claims assessment so we can discuss your situation and how we can help you. We may be able to act on a No Win, No Fee basis - ask us for details.

And if you have to head out in icy weather, we’d urge to you take extra care and wear footwear with a firm grip, such as walking boots rather than shoes such as trainers or crocs, to reduce your chances of being seriously hurt.

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What Must Organisations Do to Prevent Slips on Ice?

Local Authority / Councils

Councils must do what is reasonably practical to grit the pavements and roads to make them safe for members of the public during severe weather. Local authorities do have their own winter weather and gritting policies and will have categorised the roads and pavements in your area according to the footfall and location.

So if it’s a busy area in the town centre with a high footfall, for example, it’ll be designated as a priority area and be subject to a gritting policy. But if it’s a minor side road it won’t.

The government has an online tool so you can find out which roads and pavements your council grits in icy or snowy weather. That means if you have an accident in one of the locations listed here, it’s possible you may have a claim.

Shopping Centres, Supermarkets, Hospitals and Schools

Retail premises who are inviting members of the public to visit their premises to shop have a duty to keep you safe and grit the area as far as is reasonably practicable, and they should carry out their own risk assessments and regular checks to make sure the area is safe for you to use. Hospitals and schools which are public places must also carry out these checks.

Places of Work

Employers have a duty to keep members of staff safe in the workplace and similarly have to carry out risk assessments and grit areas that employees walk through. There are also situations at work, for example with delivery drivers and postal workers, where a different company/organisation might be responsible for the accident. For instance, you could be injured while visiting another firm’s premises or at the private property of a customer.

If you’re unlucky enough to have an accident, always make sure you report the accident to the person or organisation you believe is responsible when it happens and as soon as you can. If possible, take photographs of the area where you fell and also try to keep a weather report of the weather in your area on the day of the accident, along with details of any witnesses.

What Counts as Negligence?

A business, a local authority or any other organisation that manages a site commonly accessed by members of the public, visitors or employees must take reasonable steps to keep people safe.

But the word “reasonable” is crucial in determining whether or not you have grounds to claim compensation. For example, it’s not reasonable to expect a council to grit every single road or pavement in their borough, which is why they list priority locations.

Also, the ice may have just formed at the time of your accident, and the organisation may not have had a chance to take preventative measures, clear the site of ice or put up warning signs.

That’s why we’d strongly urge you to contact our Serious Injury Solicitors if you believe negligence led to your accident. We can discuss what happened with you and use our expertise to let you know straight away if you have a claim, as well as a good chance of success.

How Simpson Millar Can Help You

If we can take on your case, we’ll arrange for you to be assessed by an independent medical expert, so they can prepare a report detailing all your injuries and how they’ve affected you.

We’ll also conduct a detailed investigation into how the accident happened and how the party you hold responsible was at fault. With this evidence, we can approach the other side with details of our claim and ask them to accept liability.

We have lots of experience of helping people who’ve suffered injuries such as broken bones and back injuries get the compensation they deserve, and access to any specialist care, equipment or rehabilitation they may need.

So if you’ve slipped on ice and believe another party’s negligence was responsible, please get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation claims assessment.

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