£325,000 Compensation for Mesothelioma Widow

Anthony Waddington
Senior Associate Solicitor, Industrial Disease Claims

One of our Industrial Disease Solicitors successfully represented a woman who lost her husband as a result of an asbestos related disease.

It was found that there was asbestos in the former workplace of our clients husband, who contracted mesothelioma. Before he became ill with the disease, he was fit, well and active. He had interests in building and cars, which after his symptoms began to appear, he could no longer enjoy or partake in. In 2018, his health began to deteriorate.

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After losing weight, suffering from fatigue and chest pains, he was wrongly diagnosed with another illness, prolonging the opportunity for him to be properly treated.

Later in 2018, mesothelioma was diagnosed, adding to the distress of himself and his wife. He endured two cycles of chemotherapy but could not continue with it any longer due to his fatigue. Eventually, our client’s husband needed constant care. He was regularly traveling to and from hospital; a round trip of roughly 180 miles.

Another client we helped, who lost a loved one to mesothelioma.

Eventually, our client’s husband needed constant care. He was regularly traveling to and from hospital; a round trip of roughly 180 miles. Our client’s husband enjoyed gardening, as they owned a large acre of land but because of his illness and symptoms, he was no longer able to tend to his gardening. Subsequently, a gardener was hired to deal with the upkeep of our client and her husband’s land. They also hired a cleaner to help with housework.

Towards the end of our client’s husband’s illness, he was moved to a hospice. He was there for three days before he sadly passed away due to his mesothelioma symptoms. He died one year and three months after he was diagnosed.

How We Helped

Once we were contacted, we issued proceedings and obtained a statement from a colleague of our client’s husband. We then secured an admission of liability from the employer, who at first denied they were at fault.

We were able to get the client a £50,000 interim payment, so that the immunotherapy treatment could continue to prolong his life. Unfortunately, before the case was fully settled, he passed away.

When he passed, we dealt with the coroner/inquest process, and obtained a Grant of probate for his widow and continued the claim on her behalf.

The Outcome

We were able to secure a compensation award of £325k for our client. We acted for her husband whilst he was alive and we got him the IIDB £179 p/w and PWCA £14,480 lump sum. We managed to settle the claim just 2 weeks before trial for £325k gross.

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