Asbestos Claims Companies Database

Our Asbestos Claims Lawyers have a database which contains information on over 500 companies that our clients have worked with asbestos, and we have helped to claim compensation. Contact us for free legal advice

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We have a lot of experience helping clients who have worked at organisations where they have been exposed to asbestos and developed illnesses as a result. Our database of businesses and employers’ liability insurers is to help people make Asbestos Claims when a company has ceased trading.

These businesses are made up of industries such as aerospace, automotive, construction, defence, education, energy, engineering, retail, pharmaceuticals and shipbuilding.

There are over 500 companies on our directory. These are listed in alphabetical order below:


A D May Ltd       

A F Taylor Limited           

A R Daniels         

A S Ashcroft Limited      

A&C Steer Limited          

Agacookshop Limited (formerly John Cashmore)

Agene Limited  

Airbus Operations Limited          

Airbus UK Limited           

Alco Paint Factory           

Alder Hey Childrens NHS Foundation Trust          

Aldridge Fabrications Limited     


Amethyst Marine Services Limited          

Andrew Scott Ltd            


Apex Joinery (1977) Limited       

Appledore Shipbuilders Ltd        

Aqua Hydraulics Limited               

Armstrong Siddeley Motors Ltd

Ashwell Scott Co Limited             

Atlas Products & Services Ltd     

Attwood and Sawyer Jewellery

Auto UK Logistics Limited            

Automotive Pattens Precision Equipment Ltd    

Atomic Weapons Research Establishment

Azko Nobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals Limited    




Balfour Beatty  

Barclays Bank Ltd            

Bartletts Construction Group Ltd             

Bath and North East Somerset Council  

Beecham Group PLC

Ben D Gibbs & Sons Limited       

Ben Drury & Son (Builders) Limited         

Bestobell Engineering Products Ltd         

Betterware Limited        

Bezier Limited  


BI Group PLC     

Bicton Agricltural College             

Biffi (UK) Limited             

Bifrangi UK Limited         

Blacknell Buildings Limited          

Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council              

Boddy-Moir Limited       

Bordon Metal Spinning Co Ltd   

Bovis Homes Group Limited       


British Cellophane Limited          

British Coal (National Coal Board)

British Steel

British Rail


British Uralite    

Bromley Borough Council            

Buckinghamshire County Council             


Burton Group Ltd            

Butler & Tanner Limited               



C D Stone (Dunstable) Limited  

C J King & Sons Limited 


Caerphilly County Borough Council         

Cammell Laird   

Campbell & Armstrong (South) Limited 

Cape Asbestos

Capper Pipe Services

Cardiff Craftsmen Limited           


Carter Bros Rochdale Limited     

Carter International Limited       

Cartwright & Edwards Limited   

Castle Dairies (Caerphilly) Limited            

Cathedral Tableware Limited     


Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB)

Central England Co-operative Limited    

Centrica PLC      

Chalgrove Realisations Limited  

Charles Honiball Limited               

Charles Percival Vanstone           

Charles Spreckley and Co Ltd     


Clarke Chapman              

Coloroll Limited

Concept 70 Limited        

Continental Tube Limited            

Cornwall County Council

Corporation of Trinity House of Deptford Strond

Corus (formerly British Steel)

Crompton Parkinson Limited     

Croydon University Hospital       

Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust        



D D Tyres Limited            

D M & L D Oxtoby Limited           

Dairy Crest Limited         

Dams International Limited        

Danks Holdings Limited (formerly Bailey Meters and Controls)

Datum Shopfitters Co Limited   

David Davies     

Dawnays Limited             

Dawning Rudman & Bent            

Delaney Gallay Dynamics Ltd     

Delmorgal Limited          

Denvale Housing Company Limited         

Department for Transport          

Devon Area Health Authority    

Devon County Council  

Diaform Limited               

Direct Line Group            

Distratek Limited             

DKD Building (Bracknell) Contractors Ltd               

Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council            

Donnington Castle Conferences Limited               

Dudley Coles Ltd             

Duncan Watson (Electrical Engineers) Limited    

Dunlop Limited



E A Markham Limited    

E.Light & Sons Ltd           

E.ON UK PLC     


East Coast Fibreglass Supplies   

East Devon District Council          

Eaton Aerospace Limited             

Eaton Electrical Products Limited (formerly Tann Synchronome)

Eclipse (Holdings) UK Limited     

EDC Electrical    

EDF Energy PLC

Edgar Pickering (Blackburn) Limited        

Electrical Installations Limited    

EMCOR Group (UK) PLC               

English China Clays         

English Electric Company Limited             


Essentra (Great Harwood) Ltd   

Essentra PLC     

Esso Petroleum Company Limited           

EW Owen & Sons Ltd     

Exel Limited       

Exeter Cathedral School               

Exeter City Council



F G Stacey         

F Klucznik & Son Limited

Fabclad Limited

Falk Stadelmann & Co Limited   

Faulkners Public Works

FG Minter Ltd   


Foster & Done Limited  

Foster Wheeler




G & J Seddon Limited    

G & S Warner Builders  

G Applegate & Sons Ltd

G.S. Wilcox        

Gallaher Limited              

GB Glass Limited             

Gells Limited     

General Post Office       

George Barlow & Sons Ltd          

George E Taylor & Co    

George Hartwell Ltd      

George Stone Limited   


Glassfibre Vessels Ltd   

Goldsmiths College        

Goodyear Dunlop Tyres UK Ltd 

Graham Brend Builders

Grantchester Investments Limited         

Greater London Council               

Green Silley & Weir        

Grierson Ltd      

Grundy (Teddington)    

Grundy Catering Limited              

Grupo Antolin Leamington Limited         



H C Jones            

HM Dockyard Devonport

H S Pipequipment Ltd  

H. King & Sons Mech & Elect Engineering Ltd

Haden Building Services Limited               

Hall & Martins   

HAT Group Ltd 

HCSU16 Limited               

Heathland Products Limited       

Heerema Hartlepool Limited      

Henry W Pollard & Sons

H L Bush

Hobbs & Knight

Hodge Pipework Limited             

Holsworthy College        

Home Counties Heating and Plumbing (London) Limited               

HOW Group Southern Ltd           


Hunting Aviation Limited             

Hunting PLC UK

Hygrade Foods





Ideal Boilers      

Ingatestone Motors Limited      

Innospec Limited            

Insumat Ltd       

International Combustion           

International Paper Containers (UK) Limited      

Isora Integrated Ceilings Limited              



J & F Metalwork Limited              

Jack Powles & Co            

Jacksons (Newport) Ltd


Jaguar Landrover

JD Wetherspoons           

Jesse Mead Limited       

J G Donnelly

John Brown

John Cashmore Limited

John Crane subsidiary of Smiths Group PLC         

John Hill Electric               

John Laing

John Lewis

John Mowlem & Co

Johnson Control Systems Limited            

Jordan Reflectors/Louvre Limited            

Joseph Finney PLC      



K Bennett Roofing          

Kellogg Brown and Root Limited               

Kelsey Roofing Industries            

Ken Matthews 

King Automotive Systems Limited           

Kitsons Insulations Ltd  



Lanofilm Limited              

Lawrence Fairfield          

Leagro Limited 

Lee Beasley       


Lesney Products & Co Limited   

Llanwern Steelworks

Lockwoods Construction (Liverpool) Limited      

London Borough of Redbridge  

London Brooks Bureau 

London Pension Fund Authority

Longleat Estate

Lubrizol Limited

Lucchini Unipart Rail       



M E Taylor          

M J Gleeson Group PLC

M.D. Kidby Buildings Limited

MacAndrews & Company Limited           

Magnet Joinery Ltd        

Magnox Limited              

Manchester City Council

Manchester Direct Works

Mannings Marine Limited           

Manor Builders (Yeovil) Ltd        

Marconi (Thirty-Seven) Limited

Marglass Ltd      

Mark Luton & Sons Limited         

Marley Buildings Ltd      

Marley Eternit  

MARS GB            

Martin-Baker Aircraft Company Ltd        

Matthew Hall PLC           

MC Bignell Ltd  

Medway Insulations      

Merchant and Lusty       

Merchant Navy

Merrolt & Co (Eng) Limited         

Metal Box Co Ltd             

Midas Group Limited     

Middle Farm     

Milk Marketing Board   

Millduce Limited              

Mirror Group Newspapers Limited         

Mitchell Engineering Limited      

Ministry of Defence

Mohs Workplace Health Limited              

Mondelez Europe Services GmbH           

Mondelez UK Limited   

Montage Service Benelux UK    

Mould & Foreman Ltd   

Mowlem Northern Limited         

Mowlen Smallworks      

Mr A J Parker    

Mr R Walwyn    

M-Tek Engineering Limited         



N & C Partridge Limited

National Dock Labour Board       

National Smelting Company Limited       

National Westminster Bank

Nestle UK Limited           

Nethaze Limited              

New Ducts Limited         

Newalls Insulation

Newton Abbott Motors               

NG Bailey Limited           

NG Textiles Limited        

Niwel Group Limited     

Noel Village (Steel Founder) Limited      

Norbury Ducting Services            

Nordot Engineering Services Limited      

Norfolk County Council

North Western Scaffolding Co Limited   

Norwest Holst Ltd           

NOV Corporate



O.H. Secretariat Limited               

Oakhill Services Limited

Oldham Brothers Demolition     

Opperman Gears Limited            

Osram (GEC) Ltd              



Panelite Structures Limited        

Parcel Force Worldwide               

Pennon Group PLC (formerly South West Water)            

Percy Walker    

Perrite Plastics Manufacturer    

Peter Brotherhood Limited        

Picter & Berry   

Pilkington Group Limited             

Pioneer Pine Products Limited  

Planned Maintenance Engineering Limited         

Plastercrafts (Forest Hill) Ltd      

Plettac NSG PLC               


Porter & Haylettes         

Potterton International Limited

Prescot (No. 1) Limited 

Press Construction Limited         

Pressac Limited

Prestige Group UK PLC 

Preston & Thomas Limited



QPI Legal Ltd     

Quibell & Son Limited    



R Blackett Charlton & Co Limited              

R C Goodman Ltd            

R Crumbleholme & Son Limited

R E & C Marshall Ltd       

R J Hurford & Sons Limited          

Reading Concrete (Properties) Limited 

Red & White Services Ltd            

Reed & Smith Ltd            

Reed Stock and Co Limited         

Reeves Group FJ Reeves Limited             

Regional Tyres  

Reppac Pipes Limited    

Reyrolles & Co

Richard Crittal & Co Ltd 

Richard Thomas and Baldwins

Richardsons Garage (Wellington) Limited             

Ring Rolled Products Limited      

RNAS Yeovilton

Robert Dempster & Sons Limited             

Robert McBride Homecare Ltd  

Rojay Services Limited  

Rollcoll (TT) Ltd 

Rolls Royce

Ron Drury (Builders) Limited      


Rotaflex Limited              

Royal Doulton (UK) Limited        

Royal Mail

Royal Navy

Rusheath Limited            

RWE Generation UK PLC




S D Pryor Ltd     

S Reece (Liverpool) Limited        

S.J. Kears & Sons Limited             

Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd   

Saintcorp No.2 Limited (formerly Xomox and Tuflin)

Salsburys Stores              

Santon Property Company Limited         

Scaffolding (Great Britain) Limited           

Scotia Gas Network PLC               

SGI Legal             

Shapland and Petter Ltd              

Shaw-Savill and Albion Company Limited             

Shepley Engineers (Cumbria) Limited    

Sherborne School           

Sherwood Interiors        

Sirycon Limited

Solway Chemicals Limited           

Somerset County Council            

Sotts Shopfitters Limited             

South Western Gas Board

Southern Counties Construction              

Spare IPG21 Limited      

Speedy Transport Limited           

Spousal (Midlands) Limited        


St Ivel Limited   

St Matthias College        

St Michaels-at-Bowes   

St Regis Paper Mill (Cullompton)              

Staffordshire Tableware Limited              

Stena Line Limited          

Stepney Contractors Limited     

Stewart and Lloyds         

Stonehouse Engineering Ltd      

Strata Construction Limited        

Strata Regeneration Limited      

Stuntbrand Mail Steamship Company Limited    

Surrey County Council  

Sun Valley

Swan Hunter     

Swansea City and Borough Council          

Swatridge & Son              

Sydney Pratts   

Systenec Limited



T Holdoway & Sons        

T S Sharp & Co Limited  

Tann Synchronome        

TATA Chemical Europe Limited 

Tate and Lyle    

Taunton Deane Borough Council              

Taylor Wimpey PLC        

Taylors of York 

Technical Support Services International Limited              

Telemeter Installations Limited

Tesco Stores Limited     

Texaco Overseas Tankship Ltd  

The Clark Chapman Group Limited          

The Honourable Patrick Castle Stewart 

The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company              

The Royal Liverpool Hospital      

The Urastone Company Limited               

Thermal Engineering Limited     

Thomas Potterton Limited          

Thomas W Ward              

Thorpe & Thorpe            

Tilly and Ind       


Toolmasters Limited      

Trackwork Limited          

Treng Electircal 

Treven Teg Decor Limited           


Tunstall Security              

Turiff Construction Corporation Ltd        

Turner and Newall



UK Coal Limited

UK Construction & Engineering Limited 

UK Atomic Energy Authority


Uniq Limited     

Universal Asbestos Manufacturing Co Ltd            



V P Developments Limited         

Valve Acuatator Service UK

Velmore Limited             

Vertiv Infrastructure Limited     

Vicforge Air Systems Limited     

Vinters Defence Systems Limited            

Voltec Power Systems Limited  


VSEL Birkenhead Limited             



W Coombs & Sons (Builders)     

W F Knight & Sons Ltd   

W G Cannon & Sons Limited       

Walkers Snack Foods Limited     

Walter Llewellyn & Sons Limited              

Walwyns Coaches Limited & Walwyns Travel Service Limited      

Watts Bros         

Wednesbury Tube Co Limited   

Weldrite Steel Company (Winwick) Limited        

West Cumberland Hospital         

Wheeler Crittall Berry Limited   

Whiteways Cyder Company Ltd

Wigham Richardson

William Bate Limited      

Wolborough Hill Prep School      

Wood Fabrications (Darwen) Limited     

Woodward & Co (Engineers) Ltd              

Worldwide Marine Services Limited       



XPB Limited       

XPO Logistics     



Yeo Valley Organic Co Ltd            

YJ Lovell              

Yorkshire Copper Tube Limited 



3M United Kingdom (3M)           


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