Postman's Injured Hand Means Damages Against Employer


An east London postal worker has been awarded compensation following an accident at work.

Accident at Work Report

Faulty Catch

On 21 October 2013 a security window, which had a faulty catch mechanism, fell onto the worker's left hand. It left him with an impact injury which caused bruising and swelling. The 44 year-old went on to receive treatment at hospital, followed by physiotherapy.

Affected Home-life

The injury made it difficult for the worker to grip with his left hand; a situation which had a knock-on effect on his home life and everyday activities. Although he has undertaken gripping exercises in order to improve the strength in his hand, he may need further physiotherapy sessions.

"He was working in the registered letter enclosure when a heavy security window fell onto his left hand," Simpson Millar LLP's Francis Hutchinson said, following an instruction by the workers union, the CWU.

Management Knew of Defect

"His argument was based on the fact that the window had been reported to management as faulty on 18 October 2013 by 2 colleagues. Clearly little was done, with the result that the postal worker was badly injured."

Francis commented: "In neglecting to have the window repaired, Royal Mail failed to provide a suitable place of work and exposed him to a foreseeable risk of injury."

A pre-medical offer was made to settle the claim, which was accepted promptly and without the need for a further medical examination.


"Simpson Millar LLP were very prompt with my case," a delighted postman said after damages were settled at £1,200. "The communication was excellent and Francis Hutchinson was very professional."

He added that his case would raise awareness among others in similar predicaments. "If you have an accident at work, never think it is automatically your fault."

Top Tips to Take Away:

  • If your employer has been notified of an issue causing safety concerns, they are obliged to rectify it
  • Many people might have experienced similar injuries at work, but never thought they'd be able to mount a successful claim

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