Postman 'Shunted' During Delivery Drive


Road Accident Claim - Case Study

We recently assisted a Lancashire postal driver has been awarded damages following injuries sustained in a collision as he made routine deliveries.

Car Collision

Soft Tissue Injury

As he drove along Milton Street, Rochdale on 17 May 2013, the part-time postman's van was shunted by another vehicle. At the moment of impact, the 44 year-old was jolted backwards before recoiling from his seat, suffering pain, stiffness and soft tissue damage to his shoulder.


Among the symptoms of his injury were muscle spasms and a possible trapped nerve in his left shoulder. Recovery from this required time off work and a number of physiotherapy sessions.

Mishap Meant Restricted Duties

As well as being restricted in his working activities for 1 week, the postman's social life was also affected, unable for a fortnight to participate in his regular twice-weekly sports sessions.

"Our client was stationary behind traffic on Milton Street when the rear of his vehicle was hit," Simpson Millar LLP's Susan Vanden said, following instruction from the postal workers union, the Communications Workers' Union (CWU).

Other Driver Drove Too Fast

"The other driver had failed both to observe our client's speed and position and to stop or slow down in order to avoid a collision."

"Also, they gave no warning of any intended manoeuvre, and had failed to keep an adequate lookout."

Compensation was agreed at £3,127.13, a figure which took account of our client's 7 physiotherapy sessions, loss of earnings and overtime and miscellaneous expenses.

Simpson Millar LLP was "Excellent"

Expressing his satisfaction with the award, our client said that Simpson Millar LLP had provided "excellent service, [keeping me] informed and updated at all times, [with] excellent communications."

Top Tips to Take Away:

  • 'Shunting' – where your car is hit from behind by another – is almost always the other driver's fault
  • If you're shunted, you can claim compensation from the other party

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