Family Claim for Salmonella During Holiday to the Liberty Hotels Lara Beach


Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors have been instructed to represent a girl from Chester who contracted salmonella food poisoning while on holiday at a popular Lara Beach resort in Turkey.

The hotel is promoted by Thomson as one of their "platinum" properties and boasts 4 swimming pools and 5 restaurants with their website depicting luxury services and facilities to suit all ages.

Half way through the holiday the young girl developed symptoms of diarrhoea and headaches, which became progressively worse. A call to the hotel doctor was needed, and he was so concerned he phoned for an ambulance to take her to hospital.

The girl's parents then witnessed her being placed on a drip in a foreign hospital with staff that could barely speak English.

When the family arrived back in the UK a stool sample was submitted that tested positive for salmonella bacteria – a type of food poisoning bug that is usually associated with contaminated meat and poultry.

Lawyer Instructed to deal with Holiday Claim

The girl's father has now instructed Simpson Millar LLP to represent him and his daughter in a claim against Thomson Holidays.

Paul Stevens, Group Illness Claims Manager at Simpson Millar advised:

"I am hopeful that Thomson will take a pragmatic view and promptly admit liability and settle the claim with the minimum of fuss. This family have already been through enough and the prospect of a legal battle is clearly not something that my clients want to endure."

"In most cases salmonella can be prevented by staff involved in the preparation and handling of food following basic techniques such as cooking food to the correct temperatures and using separate utensils and work surfaces for cooked and raw food."

"We are currently representing a number of groups and individuals who have suffered food poisoning type illnesses in Turkey and would be happy to speak to anyone who suffered similar symptoms at this hotel or any other all-inclusive resort in Turkey."

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