Compensation For Royal Mails Failure to Stop Workplace Bullying


Workplace bullying is a very serious issue. It not only affects a person's ability to do their job, but can also result in an individual being left with an occupational illness, such as stress and/or depression.

Workplace Bullying and Victimisation can have legal recourse for those involved

Our client, Mr Stephen McDermid, suffered stress and depression because of the bullying he was experiencing at work. Stephen's case is an example of how employers must take steps to deal with bullying in the workplace.

Stephen's Case

Whilst working for Royal Mail, one colleague in particular began targeting Stephen by treating him differently to other colleagues, knocking over the post that he had sorted, and making claims that Steven wasn't doing his job properly.

Stephen explains how even colleagues that were good friends of his were afraid of the bully, and stopped talking to Stephen when he came over, as they too feared being bullied.

The effects of the bullying caused Stephen to feel down not only at work, but also back at home. Stephen's doctor told him that he was stressed and depressed, and prescribed him medication to help manage this.

Failing to Resolve the Bullying

Stephen said that he voiced his concerns numerous times to his employer, but nothing was done to resolve the situation. At one point, Stephen was even told that action wasn't to be taken against the bully because they needed him in the office.

How We Helped

We were able to secure Stephen £3,000 in compensation for his occupational illness caused by the relentless bullying he experienced. A solicitor based in our Cardiff office, was able to settle Stephen's case after issuing court proceedings and disclosing medical reports. 

"Cases like this highlight the possible bullying culture that exists in some working environments. Employers must recognise the damaging effects that bullying can have, and should not ignore concerns raised by their employees."

Stephen advises that others in a similar situation should get help; "Nobody should have to put up with bullying in the workplace. If this is happening, people should get help from a solicitor."

Personal Injury and Occupational Illness

Stephen was eventually required to take early retirement, as not only did he suffer from stress and depression from the bullying, but he also sustained physical injuries at work. Stephen developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome when his employer put him onto a far more demanding shift pattern.

Simpson Millar was able to secure Stephen a further £7,000 for the personal injuries caused by his employer's failure to make any adjustments. 

"Occupational illnesses, like physical injuries, or stress and depression, must be taken seriously. With regards to the two separate claims we made, the Royal Mail failed to address the problems Stephen was encountering and this caused a huge amount of unnecessary upset and distress."

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