Compensation for Illness Outbreak at Red Sea Holiday Village


Simpson Millar has won damages on behalf of a client whose Sharm El-Sheikh holiday illness was caused by an unpleasant trend among guests.

Appalling acts conducted in a pool in an Egyptian Holiday Resort

Our client was 6 days into a 7-night family vacation at the Holiday Village Red Sea in August 2014 when she started to feel unwell.

Suffering severe profuse diarrhoea, nausea, stomach cramps, fever and fatigue – later diagnosed as a gastro-intestinal disorder – the 46-year-old biochemist put the source of her symptoms down to a woeful trend.

"Obnoxious activity"

"The origin of our client's illness was due to other users purposely defecating in the swimming pool – an activity known as 'logging'," Simpson Millar's James Blower said.

"It appears some people gain a perverse pleasure from filming this obnoxious activity and putting the footage online."

As we pursued her claim, our client disclosed the contents of a letter from First Choice's customer support department in response to her initial complaint.

In it TUI's advisor stated: "I understand that during your holiday there were several occasions of other guests defecating in pools. We are aware that there is an internet craze at the moment that involves this unpleasant act."

While expressing the firm's "concern" for our client's illness, however, the writer went on: "I appreciate your strength of feeling [but] I am unable to offer compensation on this occasion."

Holiday firm sidestepped the issue…

According to James Blower, this is a fudge. "It is beggars belief that a swimming pool at a popular Red Sea resort should be so poorly supervised that such improper behaviour can go unnoticed," James said. "Attendants should be on hand at all times to ensure the complete safety of guests."

…but was no doubt liable

James noted that since our client had booked her holiday on an all-inclusive basis, there could be no doubt as to the origin of her illness.

"After we submitted a detailed letter of claim to TUI, the firm made an early settlement offer in an effort to settle the claim as quickly as possible," James said.

"The Red Sea Holiday Village is among First Choice's most popular destinations. It follows that TUI is keen to shield the resort from bad publicity.

"We assessed the offer and countered it, after which TUI responded with a further counter offer which our client chose to accept."

Client was naturally upset

Following a compensation settlement of £2,000, James noted that our client had been most upset over the ruin of her holiday.

"On her return to the UK our client was unable to work for 3 days," James said. "Although she was paid while she was off work, the absence was noted on her record, a fact with which she was unhappy.

"However, the settlement went some way to recovering her losses after her holiday was ruined by such an unpleasant experience."

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