Butlins compensate holidaymaker for tripping accident


We were recently contacted by a client who required our services to bring a claim against a holiday company after she tripped and fell over at their resort.

Our client was on holiday at a Butlins camp in Minehead. She was walking through a marquee having a look around when she approached a carpeted area near some fruit machines. Our client tripped over a raised section of carpet that wasn't securely fastened to the floor. She tripped and fell over, banging her head on the fruit machines.

Our client injured a pre-existing shoulder condition and sustained a soft tissue injury to her knee which may result in permanent long-term un-intrusive knee pain.

The defendant admitted liability and offered £4,500 which was rejected and increased to £7,000 which was then also rejected. The final offer made was £7,500 compensation which was accepted and awarded to our client for her personal injury claim.

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