£33,000 Compensation for Broken Hip after an accident on holiday in Turkey


A lady from Berkshire has secured a substantial compensation settlement from her Tour Operator following an accident which occurred in her hotel in Turkey.

Hotel Stairs

Mrs Rawlings was staying at the Alp Pasa Hotel in Kaleci, Turkey when, as she was walking down the stairs leading from the first floor of the hotel she fell down the steps, due to a lack of lighting on the hotel stairs.

Holiday Accident

Mrs Rawlings suffered a broken hip in the fall, which required immediate and extensive hospital treatment bringing a premature end to her and her husband's holiday.

Claims against your Tour Operator

Having spent ten days in a Turkish hospital before being flown home and having had the rest remainder of her holiday completely ruined, Mrs Rawlings contacted Simpson Millar LLP's specialist Travel Lawyers who were able to help her with her case on a 'No Win, No Fee' basis.

Investigations were commenced and advice sought from a Turkish architect. It was discovered that the design of the steps and the lack of lighting was in breach of the local standard of safety. The Tour Operator, Mapmart Limited admitted liability for Mrs Rawlings accident and the injuries she suffered.

Mrs Rawlings and her husband had booked a package holiday, which allowed her to bring a compensation claim against the Tour Operator in the UK. If the hotel had been booked separately then Mrs Rawlings would have to have brought her claim against the hotel directly in Turkey.

Delighted with the Outcome

Mrs Rawlings received a substantial compensation settlement, which included the cost of the hospital treatment she received in Turkey and the expense of flying her home. Mrs Rawlings described James Blower, the solicitor who took on her case, as "Courteous, friendly, patient, helpful and effective"

Mrs Rawlings said that she had discovered Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors through an internet search and had liked the website. She was pleased that a specialist holiday accident solicitor was able to take the case on and was "delighted with the outcome".

James Blower commented, saying, "Mrs Rawlings suffered a horrendous injury which affected her life for a considerable period of time. The settlement achieved reflects the severity of that injury and the inconvenience caused."

Holiday Accident Justice Served

"Hopefully the hotel and Tour Operator will learn from this experience and take measures to improve the safety of the stairs in the hotel."

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