£2,437 compensation for school technician's trip


Slip Trip Fall Hazard - Personal InjuryWe recently helped a client who worked as a science technician for a secondary school. She required our assistance to make a personal injury claim after she tripped and fell at work.

Whilst walking between 2 laboratories through adjoining doors she tripped over a raised step. Our client sustained suspected rib fractures with up to 10 weeks of pain. She also suffered from minor chest pains for up to 12 months from the date of the accident.

There was evidence of previous risk assessment's that took place in the 1980's and 1990's that confirmed that the step was hazardous and that warning tape and signs should be visible as the step was a structural feature that could not be removed.

It appeared that when the area was decorated, the warning signs and tape had been removed and not put back into place and no further risk assessments were carried out in relation to the step.

Court proceedings were issued and medical evidence was obtained. An offer of £2437.50 and contributory negligence of 75/25% was put forward to the defendant who accepted this and the sum was then awarded to our client.

The personal injury case settled without the need to proceed to a court hearing.

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