What’s the Impact of a Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer?

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Cancer can be very treatable if caught early, but any delay in diagnosis can mean the cancer has had time to progress and spread to other parts of the body.

This can mean surgery alone won’t cure the cancer, and any surgery you have could be more extensive than it would’ve been if the diagnosis come earlier.

You may also need other, more invasive forms of treatment, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Perhaps the most concerning of all is the chance that a delay in diagnosing cancer could shorten a person’s life.

This can be devastating news to hear, both for you and your loved ones, particularly if it’s thought that an earlier diagnosis would have made all the difference.

Our expert Medical Negligence Solicitors understand that you may be struggling to process the emotions you’re feeling at this difficult time, but we’re here to help you if you need us.

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What Type of Surgery Could I Need?

A delayed diagnosis of cancer could mean that you need operations that you otherwise would not have needed.

For example, it may be necessary to operate to remove lymph nodes which are affected by the cancer. This can then lead to other complications such as lymphoedema.

Delays may also mean that the surgery needed is more extensive. For example, in cases of breast cancer, it’s possible in some cases to just remove the lump from the breast, called a lumpectomy.

But if the tumour is large or invasive, it may be difficult to remove it completely without removing the whole of the breast, called a mastectomy. This could then lead to the need for reconstructive surgery.

Why Should I Claim for a Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer?

Claiming compensation for a delayed cancer diagnosis won’t undo the effects of the alleged medical negligence, and we understand that.

But it can put you back in the position you would have been in financially had the medical mistakes you experienced not happened.

For example, you may find that you have to take longer periods off work because of prolonged treatment that you otherwise wouldn’t have needed. If that’s happened to you, you can claim for your lost earnings.

We can also claim for the cost of private medical treatment, should you need it, so you can get vital treatment without delay or having to wait on a waiting list.

And if you need care or help with household jobs at home, we can claim for the time spent by those taking care of you.

Should you receive the worst news, and you’re told that your life will be cut short because of the delayed cancer diagnosis, we can put together a ‘lost years’ claim.

This means you can recover the financial benefits that you would have had had the delay in diagnosis not happened.

If you have a family who are dependent on you financially, we can also look at claiming compensation so that they continue to have some financial support after you’ve gone.

In simple terms, our aim is to help you and your family rebuild your lives at least as much as possible, so you can get whatever care, support and treatment you need when you need it.

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