How We Investigate Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims

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A crucial part of claiming compensation for a late or incorrect diagnosis of cancer is investigating what mistakes were made and why. These could include:

  • Not referring you to a specialist doctor or for further investigations
  • Waiting too long before referring you to a specialist
  • Not carrying out appropriate scans or tests, or not taking appropriate tissue samples
  • Reporting x-rays, scans or tissue samples incorrectly
  • Not following cancer treatment and diagnostic guidelines
  • Not monitoring your treatment correctly
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So how exactly do our Medical Negligence Solicitors do this?

Let’s imagine that you want to make a medical negligence claim because you believe your GP didn’t make a cancer referral quickly enough.

After taking on your case, I would get evidence from an independent GP, who would review your medical records in detail to assess whether your care fell below an acceptable standard.

They’ll review this alongside your evidence and any relevant guidelines, handbooks or studies to determine whether negligence has happened. If they believe that the medical mistake or failure was negligent, we’d instruct other medical experts to assess the impact of the late diagnosis and whether or not it caused any damage to you.

If there has been lasting damage, you could need more extensive treatment, face a longer recovery time or a negative impact on your long-term health.

In this situation, we’d likely need further medical evidence from an expert that specialises in oncology to assess these impacts on you.

Why You Should Claim Compensation for Cancer Misdiagnosis

Often, many of the people I help feel that opportunities to diagnose their cancer earlier or diagnose it correctly were missed, and they want to explore what’s gone wrong, whether these mistakes were avoidable and whether they can claim compensation.

Of course, no amount of compensation can fully make up for what’s happened to you, particularly if you’ve been left with a lasting injury or permanent health problems. But the right compensation settlement can make a huge difference to your quality of life, and help you get the financial support and wider care and rehabilitation you need.

Compensation can also cover the cost of any further surgery you may need because of the medical negligence, and serve as valuable recognition of the pain and suffering you’ve gone through.

As a Medical Negligence Solicitor, I have lots of experience in sensitively dealing with different types of cancer misdiagnosis claims and helping people like you get a fair compensation settlement.

So if you’ve sadly been affected by negligent cancer treatment, please give our friendly team of Medical Negligence Solicitors a call and we’ll be happy to speak with you. We offer a free claims assessment, so you can speak to us with no obligation, and we can discuss your options and how we can help you.

The Consequences of Cancer Misdiagnosis

It’s vital that cancers are detected as early and as accurately as possible to give you the best chance of making a full recovery. If it isn’t, it can cause potentially severe consequences, such as:

  • The cancer spreading to other parts of your body and being diagnosed when it’s reached a more advanced stage
  • Needing more aggressive treatment, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • A greater chance of you getting cancer again in the future
  • A reduced life expectancy
  • A slower recovery, forcing you to take time off work and needing care

So if the worst does happen and you’re dealing with any of these terrible consequences because of a medical mistake, it’s only right that you can access whatever care, support and treatment you need, both medical and financial.

Our expert Medical Negligence Solicitors are careful and sympathetic listeners, so please call us for a free claims assessment so we can discuss your situation with you. We can help you achieve the best possible settlement, and work to make sure the NHS learns lessons from medical mistakes that have happened, so similar errors aren’t made in the future.

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