£38,000 Compensation for Passenger Injured in Car Accident

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A Car Accident Claim Case Study - Client Situation

Ms C suffered multiple injuries when the car she was travelling in as a passenger was hit by another vehicle.

She was left with bruising, scarring, soft tissue injuries and back pain as a result of the road traffic accident. She was also 37 weeks pregnant, and suffered a seatbelt injury to the abdomen and vaginal bleeding due to a ruptured placenta.

Ms C had to undergo an emergency caesarean section, and since the baby was taken away for several hours following the delivery, she wasn’t able to bond with her baby straight away.

She has also been unable to go back to her job as a carer, as her injuries mean she can’t perform manual tasks such as lifting residents.

Ms C contacted our expert Car Accident Solicitors for a free claims assessment, and I agreed she had a strong case for compensation. I took on her case on a No Win, No Fee basis, and immediately began investigating the circumstances behind the accident and the impact it had on Ms C’s life.

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How We Helped

I arranged for Ms C to undergo medical assessments from independent experts, including an orthopaedic surgeon and a psychiatrist. Each of these specialists compiled a report detailing Ms C’s condition and medical outlook.

This helped us identify her future care needs and how much this would cost, so we could accurately estimate how much compensation she should claim.

One significant finding in the medical reports was that if the accident hadn’t happened, it was very likely she would have, in due course, had a normal delivery, rather than an emergency caesarean section.

I also looked at how the car accident had affected Ms C financially, as she had been unable to work due to her injuries.

While this investigation was ongoing, I applied for interim payments of compensation, so she could cover the cost of the medical treatment she needed urgently, as well as a phone so she could access the internet and have Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) virtually.

She received £6,750 in interim payments, which was important as it meant she didn’t have to wait until legal proceedings had ended before she got vital treatment and support.

The Outcome

Following negotiations with the other party, Ms C was offered £38,000 in compensation, which she accepted.

This amount of money will help her access the care, treatment and support she needs in the future, and reflects the pain, suffering and distress she went through as a result of the accident.

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