Please Sign Petition to Reinstate Maternity Safety Training Fund


Our Medical Negligence Solicitors are backing a campaign to ensure maternity staff at NHS Hospitals get the training and support they need.

We regularly see first hand the devastating impact of birth injuries to mother and/or child resulting from medical negligence, and firmly believe training is a key part of stopping this from happening. So we’re urging people to sign a petition launched by charity group Baby Lifeline to reinstate the Maternity Training Safety Fund.

We believe the Maternity Training Safety Fund is imperative, as it will save lives, support the NHS workforce, ease financial pressure on the health service and prevent tragic outcomes for patients.

As a former midwife myself, I didn’t hesitate to sign the petition, and I’d encourage others to do the same. It only takes 2 minutes to sign the petition but could make a huge difference to hundreds if not thousands of new mums and babies.

Please sign the petition to Reinstate the Maternity Safety Training Fund.

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In 2018, I gave a talk on a Baby Lifeline course to a group of very experienced paramedics and saw for myself what a fantastic service it is. While delivering the talk, it struck me that the audience became more animated and engaged when, having explained the legal hurdles needed to establish a birth injury claim, I highlighted 2 genuine medical negligence cases involving paramedic care, one which discontinued and the other which won.

There was much discussion about the decisions made in each case, with one member of the audience asking to take away a copy of the case summary, as he strongly opposed the judgement made in the case which succeeded and wanted to discuss it with a colleague.

This, and my joining in the training sessions, reminded me of the heart-stopping moments I experienced in my own clinical past as a midwife, and the fear which pervades those clinical emergencies.

Sessions were run by a team of highly experienced midwives and were simply excellent. Their focus was on management of breech and shoulder dystocia deliveries, with very convincing maternal and baby dummies employed, to show the correct steps and manoeuvres to be adopted in each scenario, to reduce the risk of birth injury, and at worst death.

Even in the mock set-ups, the fear of the possibility of facing such a situation was palpable, in the knowledge not only of the potential risks, but of knowing that minutes really would matter, with the need to make and act swiftly on clinical decisions.

My own experiences were lived out in the controlled and supportive environment on the delivery suite with an obstetrician and paediatrician to call, and a theatre at the end of the corridor, but paramedics have to deal with these situations in the home or the back of an ambulance. Terrifying, particularly if initial attempts fail to secure delivery and the risk to mother and baby quickly escalates.

Baby Lifeline is an amazing charity which provides support for the care of pregnant women and newborn babies all over the UK.

The work they do is invaluable, much needed, and very much welcomed, evidenced by the high uptake of paramedics for the course. Training not only helps to improve knowledge and experience to reduce the risk of serious birth injuries taking place, but also supports the treating clinicians who are faced with these very difficult and frightening situations.

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