Cervical Screening Awareness Week 2020


This week is Cervical Screening Awareness Week, a national campaign by Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust to raise awareness of this condition.

Cervical screening is a vital safety measure for women, but unfortunately, sometimes there are issues with screening results.

As Medical Negligence Solicitors, we help women whose results have been misinterpreted, given an incorrect diagnosis or not diagnosed at all. If you’ve had any issues with your smear test, we could help you.

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Consequences of Cervical Screening Problems

Mistakes with cervical cancer screenings such as a late or missed diagnosis, can have serious consequences for women.

  • Vital treatment may be delayed
  • Treatment could be more invasive
  • You could be ill for longer

It’s in the interests of every woman and the NHS to make sure mistakes don’t happen, and to highlight errors so they don’t happen again.

I believe that smear tests are extremely important and, in most cases, work effectively in diagnosing and treating pre-cancerous cells, which if left untreated can develop into cervical cancer.

Most cases of cervical cancer take years to develop, so early detection of abnormal cells is crucial. Sadly, there are certain cases when tests are misinterpreted or a diagnosis missed, which can result in avoidable injury in the years to come.

If you’ve kept up to date with cervical screening, it can come as a shock to receive a cancer diagnosis. It could be important to look at past test results. A Medical Negligence Solicitor can help by instructing an independent medical expert to review your previous tests to see if a mistake was made.

Whilst we can’t change what’s happened, we can help you to get compensation for your missed diagnosis. This can help you financially if you’ve not been able to work or help to pay for further treatment that you may need.

Case Study

I helped a woman get over £100,000 in compensation after she found out that signs of a cancerous tumour had been missed in multiple routine cervical screenings.

I specialise in late diagnosis and misdiagnosis of cancer and took on her case. A smear test specimen had been incorrectly reported as negative. If the test been accurately reported, the woman would’ve been referred for a colposcopy straight away, and told to have a repeat smear test 6 months later.

If this had happened, the cancer could have been cured with a single procedure, as it would have still been at the pre-invasive stage. But because of the missed cervical cancer diagnosis, she had to undergo extensive treatments and suffered symptoms of early menopause.

Thankfully, Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust admitted the mistake, which meant that I negotiated a fair compensation settlement.

Our client received a total of £130,000 in compensation. Since the settlement, she’s also adopted 2 young children.

See the complete case study: £130,000 Compensation for Delayed Cervical Cancer Diagnosis.

Can I Still Get a Smear Test During Coronavirus?

Yes, but it may take longer because of social distancing and other measures currently in place.

Medical staff doing the smear test will be wearing additional personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks and visors.