Baby Developed Life Threatening Meningitis due to Medical Mistakes


A Medical Negligence Claim Case Study - Client Situation

A baby developed life-threatening meningitis within a month of his birth because of the medical mistakes made by an NHS Hospital Trust.

The baby’s condition developed as a result of failure to monitor and treat his mother during pregnancy, after they discovered she had Group A Streptococcus; bacteria that can cause severe and life-threatening disease. The bacteria infected his blood stream and he developed septicaemia and toxic shock, which evolved into meningitis.

The baby suffered life-changing injuries which included:

      • Severe hydrocephalus – a build-up of fluid on the brain, which can cause brain damage, and
      • Avascular necrosis – lack of blood supply causing the death of bone tissue.

How We Are Helping

His mother contacted our Medical Negligence Solicitors, and after taking on the case, our preliminary investigations have involved obtaining the client’s medical records and the opinion of several medical experts in the areas of midwifery, obstetrics, and microbiology and paediatric neurology. The experts’ roles were to determine whether:

        • The care provided to the client and his mother was acceptable
        • Medical errors were made
        • Care administered to the client and his mother fell below the minimum standard required
        • Those errors caused him to develop meningitis and the infections he suffered.

Once a case was established, our Medical Negligence Solicitors sent a Letter of Claim to the NHS Hospital Trust setting out the basis on which our Solicitors considered that the care had been negligent. The Letter of Claim detailed the injuries and losses suffered by our client, as a consequence of the Hospital Trust’s negligence.

The Current Position

The case continues but the Hospital Trust has made extensive liability admissions on which basis our client can, in due course, recover a specified amount of money in compensation. This will provide the baby and his mother with much needed support.

For more information see Medical Negligence Meningitis claims.

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