£52,000 Compensation for Surgical Errors in Appendectomy

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A Medical Negligence Claim Case Study - Client Situation

Our client had been suffering with abdominal pain for four days and was admitted to Charing Cross Hospital for treatment. An ultrasound scan of his abdomen and pelvis revealed he was suffering from acute appendicitis, and he underwent a laparoscopic appendectomy that evening.

But after being discharged from hospital, his pain and discomfort continued and gradually got worse. He therefore returned to hospital, where he was given a CT scan, and it was eventually found that part of his appendix was still present in his body.

A further operation was carried out, as a result of which our client was bedbound for several weeks, and unable to return to work for two months. The surgical procedure also left a permanent scar on his abdomen, although this can be reduced with further surgery and treatment.

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How We Helped

The client contacted our Medical Negligence Solicitors for free legal advice. Medical Negligence Solicitor Dino Enahoro agreed to help him claim compensation for the surgical errors.

Independent medical assessments were arranged for our client, which revealed that he was suffering from ongoing abdominal symptoms. This was the result of his exposure to untreated peritonitis following the initial surgery, which aren’t expected to improve in the foreseeable future.

There is also a chance that if his condition deteriorates, he would require further surgery, which may involve several operations and an extended recuperation period, thereby forcing him to take several months off work.

After preparing the case, Dino approached Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, citing a list of medical failings with his treatment. This included:

  • Failure to remove the entirety of the patient’s appendix
  • Not checking whether all of the appendix had been removed
  • Failing to exercise all proper professional skill, care, competence and diligence in carrying out the appendix operation.

Dino also argued that the NHS Trust hadn’t provided appropriate, reasonable and skilful treatment, which exposed our client to an unnecessary risk of pain and injury.

And as a result of the medical negligence, our client required further, more invasive surgical procedures, he had to endure an extended recovery period and suffered avoidable and permanent personal injury, loss and damage.

The Outcome

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust admitted liability (fault) and agreed to pay our client £52,000 in medical negligence compensation.

This helped him cover the costs of his enforced time off work and recovery.

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