£2.7 Million Medical Negligence Compensation for Birth Injury


A Medical Negligence Claim Case Study - Client Situation

Our client was pregnant and suffered a brain haemorrhage due to eclampsia in the maternity unit prior to the birth of her first child. As a result, she was referred to critical care and was lucky to survive her ordeal. The obstetrics team treating our client had to carry out an emergency caesarean section due to her critical condition.

While she was able to make a remarkable recovery, she had nevertheless suffered permanent cognitive impairments. Our client regularly suffered from headaches, forgetfulness, mood swings and dyspraxia, which seriously affected her family life.

These symptoms also had a profound impact on her work as primary school teacher. Due to her birth injuries, she was taken out of the classroom and limited to working part-time on administrative duties at the school. This directly impacted on her income and potential future earnings.

How We Helped

Our client approached our Medical Negligence Solicitors to make a medical negligence claim, and after taking on the case, Medical Negligence Lawyer David Thomas obtained expert medical evidence to quantify the extent of our client’s brain injury. This helped David gain a full picture of how the physical and psychological effects of the birth injury had impacted on her life.

The defendants admitted medical negligence at the outset, acknowledging they failed to monitor and treat her high blood pressure. Had they done so, our client wouldn’t have suffered from a haemorrhage and wouldn’t have required an emergency caesarean section.

The defendants also accepted that if she had not suffered a brain injury, our client would have led an exceptional career, eventually leading to head teacher. Solicitor David Thomas obtained expert medical evidence to quantify her loss of earnings and pension, as well as to assess her care requirements and what help she required with her children and other domestic tasks.

The defendant’s medical experts didn’t differ greatly in their views to our medical experts, and both sides agreed that the birth injury claim was worth a substantial amount of money. This eventually led to an excellent compensation settlement at a round table meeting.

The Outcome

This birth injuries case was eventually settled for £2,700,000 medical negligence compensation.

Our Clinical and Medical Negligence Solicitors believe this case highlights the need for expectant mothers to be regularly monitored for complications such as high blood pressure, as if untreated, it can result in dire consequences.

The case also demonstrates that if the evidence indicates a person affected by clinical or medical negligence is doing well in their professional life, that person can be awarded compensation for loss of future earnings and career prospects as part of their claim.

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