£10,000 Compensation for Late Diagnosis of Glaucoma

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A Medical Negligence Claim Case Study - Client Situation

Our client went to hospital complaining of a visual field defect (loss of part of the normal field of vision). However, the hospital failed to carry out a full assessment and his vision continued to deteriorate.

Our client went to his GP and was referred to another hospital for a second opinion, where he was diagnosed with glaucoma - a condition which was causing progressive damage to his optic nerve. The diagnosis came four months after our client originally sought medical attention about his deteriorating vision.

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How We Helped

Our client approached our Medical Negligence Solicitors for help claiming compensation from the NHS Trust responsible for the delay in diagnosis of glaucoma.

We agreed to take on the case and arranged an independent medical assessment for our client. The medical expert’s view was that the history taking of the first hospital was substandard, that on the balance of probabilities the intraocular pressure (fluid pressure inside the eye) was measured inaccurately, and that the optic discs were assessed incorrectly.

Following receipt of expert evidence, our Medical Negligence Solicitors wrote to the NHS Trust responsible to set out allegations of negligence. Based upon the expert evidence, it was argued that had a proper diagnosis been made when our client first attended the hospital, he would probably have retained 95% of his visual field.

However, as a result of the delayed diagnosis of glaucoma, our client was left with only 5% of his visual field, which has had a significant impact on his mobility and ability to drive.

The Outcome

After lengthy negotiations, the NHS Trust responsible for failing to diagnose our client’s glaucoma offered to pay £10,000 compensation, which was accepted.

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