Potholes Don't Just Ruin Suspensions


We recently assisted a cyclist in claiming compensation for an accident on the road, caused by a complete lack of maintenance. Potholes and dips in the tarmac may be of no consequence to many, but this is because people have spotted them. If you don't spot them, it can cause a slip, trip or fall, and they can be especially dangerous if you're cycling at speed.

Potholes cause cycling accident

Hidden Dip

The cyclist was on his way to work in the morning, on a new bike, on a normal road in a built up area. There was a dip hidden behind a speed bump, which he hit with the front wheel of his bike, causing him go over the handlebars, landing hard on the floor. In the fall, he injured his wrists, neck and back.

His wrist injuries caused him the most trouble, leaving his wife to deal with the day to day running of the household by herself, and he was also unable to play football for some time. Although he had made a good recovery after some weeks, he was left with ongoing problems with his right wrist.

To help with his compensation claim, we had to investigate thoroughly. There was nobody else around to witness his accident, so we had to make sure that there was plenty of other proof.

The council responsible for maintaining this stretch of road attempted to argue that the accident could not have happened as alleged. However, with sketch plans, google images, photographs, witness evidence and medical records we were able to prove the case.

Securing the Proper Treatment

We consulted a medical expert, and it was determined that the cyclist also needed physiotherapy for his wrists. He shouldn't be expected to pay for this out of his own pocket, as the injury was caused by an accident that wasn't his fault. This need for medical treatment shaped our argument, and helped us decide how much the claim was worth.

We were able to negotiate a total settlement of £8,450, and this included the cost of treatment.

The cyclist didn't go to hospital immediately with his injuries, because he didn't think that they were significant. However, he went in several days later. Seeking medical assistance late didn't ruin his compensation claim, but if you're in any doubt, and in pain, you should seek medical advice as soon as possible. Not only will this help to reduce the long term impact of an injury, it may also strengthen your evidence should you come to make a personal injury compensation claim.

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