Life Changing Injuries Compensation Explained

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Maeve McCusker

Associate Solicitor, Personal Injury Claims

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If you suffer a life changing injury, then you may be thinking about making a claim for compensation, especially if it was due to the fault of another person or organisation. Compensation in life changing injury claims is generally divided in to two components; General Damages and Special Damages.

General Damages

General Damages for the actual pain, suffering and loss of amenity caused from the injury. Medical evidence from independent medical experts across a range of disciplines is the foundation for assessing General Damages compensation in life changing injury claims.

Solicitors (and if the case proceeds to Trial, Judges) then refer to the Judicial College Guidelines and Case Law for guidance on the appropriate compensation award for General Damages. There are brackets of compensation in each of the 13 chapters of the Judicial College Guidelines, ranging from a minor injury healing in 7 days attracting a compensation award of just a few hundred pounds to a severe brain injury attracting an award of anywhere between £224,800 and £354,260 compensation.

Special Damages

The second component of compensation is in relation to Special Damages for past and future financial loss incurred as a result of the injuries you’ve sustained. This can include claims for loss of earnings, pension loss, the cost of long term medical treatment, intensive rehabilitation you need to help you recover, past and future care and support and adaptations to your home and car.

It’s important that you instruct a specialist Serious Injury Solicitor who will have the necessary skills and experience to deal with the complex issues involved in your case. Expert legal advice can help to ensure that you claim fully for something that has altered your life permanently.

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What is a Life Changing Injury?

Life changing or catastrophic injuries are those that have a major impact on the person, whether it’s permanent disability, ongoing health problems and/or reduced life expectancy. And by their very nature, life changing injury claims can attract the greatest amounts of compensation, which can run into millions of pounds.

Case Studies

The most common types of life changing injuries can include:

          • Birth injuries
          • Brain injuries
          • Spinal cord injuries
          • Loss of limb
          • Permanent scarring
          • Oxygen deprivation
          • Loss of sight

However, the nature of these injuries means they have a dramatic and life changing effect not only on the claimant, but also on their families. That’s why it’s so important to ensure you have the best legal representation acting on your behalf, so you can get the compensation and access to the care and support that you deserve.

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