Claiming for Partial Amputation of a Finger after an Accident

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If you’ve suffered the partial loss of a finger because another person or party was negligent, you can claim compensation for your injury and how it’s affected your life.

Our friendly and supportive Serious Injury Solicitors have helped many people who’ve suffered an amputation following an accident that wasn’t their fault, including car accidents, accidents at work and public disasters.

A compensation settlement can make a huge difference to your life if you’ve been seriously injured, as it can cover:

  • Medical expenses
  • Specialist care
  • The emotional impact of what’s happened to you and your family
  • Adaptations to your home if you can no longer carry out normal day-to-day tasks
  • Past, present and future financial losses, if you weren’t able to work following the amputation or had to switch to a lower-paid job

Call our specialist Serious Injury Solicitors and we’ll be happy to speak with you about your situation and how we can help you. Ask us if we can handle your claim on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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I Lost a Finger in an Accident at Work - Can I Claim?

You can claim for an accident at work that led to a partial finger amputation if you believe your employer didn’t do enough to keep your working environment safe. For instance, they may have:

  • Not given adequate training on the use of dangerous machinery
  • Failed to provide you with personal protective equipment
  • Not provided warnings of potential hazards
  • Not carried out adequate maintenance of a machine, which has then caused the injury

Amputations in the workplace usually happen where there is heavy machinery being used, such as forklift trucks.

But you can still claim for a partial finger amputation following an injury in a more placid office environment. For example, your finger may have been seriously crushed by a door or by neglected machinery.

Can I Claim for a Partial Amputation after a Car Accident?

You can claim compensation if it can be proved that the road user you hold responsible for the car accident was at least partly at fault. For example, the driver that has caused your injury may have been:

  • Driving too fast
  • Drink driving
  • Under the influence of drugs
  • Been tired
  • Driving in a faulty vehicle

They may also have failed to spot or chosen to ignore road signs, or been violating other important rules of the road.

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Can I Claim if I Was Injured in a Public Disaster?

An organisation that operates a public place is responsible for managing your safety in that location. So you can claim against them if they negligently failed to prevent an accident on their premises that led to the loss of your finger.

You may have grounds to claim if you’ve experienced an event such as:

  • A bus, coach or train crash
  • A fire
  • An explosion (for example, in a terrorist attack)

How Much Compensation Do You Get for an Amputated Finger?

The amount of compensation awarded in a partial finger amputation claim is based on several different factors, such as:

  • The finger that’s been lost
  • How severe the amputation is (partial or full amputation?)
  • The impact of the injury on your life
  • What type of care, support and rehabilitation you need
  • How your injury has affected you financially (i.e. your loss of earnings)

Many of these are individual factors that will vary from person to person, so we can’t tell you now how much compensation you’d be likely to receive, but Judicial College guidelines for the assessment of General Damages in personal injury cases do give a rough indication of what you can claim specifically for your injury, before the financial consequences and other considerations are looked at.

For example, they state that a person could receive between £3,710 and £5,500 in compensation for the partial loss of a little finger, and between £3,710 and £7,390 for losing the end of their middle or ring fingers.

Meanwhile, you could be awarded anything from £13,970 and £15,330 to the Ring or middle fingers £11,420 and £17,590 in compensation for the loss of and part of an index finger.

We should stress though that these are just guidelines and any amount of compensation you claim will be based on your specific circumstances.

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