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Supporting Children With Mental Health Needs At School

Time icon 12 September 2017 | Person icon Samantha Hale

Children with mental health needs might be able to access SEN support via their school or an EHCP – find out how | Call 0808 129 3320

Dyslexia – A Guide To Getting The Right Educational Support

Time icon 12 September 2017 | Person icon Samantha Hale

Living with dyslexia? Find out how schools & colleges can support children & young people, including SEN support, EHCPs & exam access arrangements

LGBTQ Equality In Schools – Encouraging Diversity

Time icon 5 September 2017 | Person icon Gregg Burrough

Inequality in schools is still a major issue for LGBT students – we take a look at the challenges facing the education sector

Equality Act 2010 Guidance On Higher Education – Tackling Discrimination

Time icon 30 August 2017 | Person icon Gregg Burrough

We take a look at how the Equality Act 2010 deals with discrimination against university or college students with disabilities and what action you can take

When Has A Child's Right To Education Been Breached?

Time icon 25 August 2017 | Person icon Serena Fasso

Is your child out of education? Find out what the law says about breaching the right to providing education for a child

GCSE Results Day 2017 – Advice For Students

Time icon 24 August 2017 | Person icon Emma Davies

GCSE results day 2017 – advice and information for students including those with SEND

Why Are Mental Health Services Failing The Most Vulnerable?

Time icon 18 August 2017 | Person icon Jessica Beckerleg

People with mental health conditions are not getting the support they need – we explore how this is affecting them

EHCPs – Changing Provisions, Making Appeals And Requesting Reviews

Time icon 18 August 2017 | Person icon Joanne Levey

Find out how you can request changes to your child's EHCP, including appeals to SEND tribunals or an early annual review if it does not meet their SEN

Lasting Power Of Attorney – A Lack Of Protection For The Vulnerable?

Time icon 16 August 2017 | Person icon Zena Soormally

Are lasting power of attorneys failing to protect the most vulnerable and are deputyships any better?

A Level Results Day 2017 – What You Need To Know

Time icon 14 August 2017 | Person icon Gregg Burrough

Need advice on what to do once you have your A Level results? Our Education solicitor shares some tips for results day 2017

The Wellbeing of Secondary Pupils With SEN Is Called Into Scrutiny

Time icon 9 August 2017 | Person icon Nick Moran

A report about the wellbeing of pupils with SEN has shown a shocking trend of bullying – find out how to help your child and challenge their school

SEN Plans For Secondary School Children Delayed In Over 100 Councils

Time icon 8 August 2017 | Person icon Samantha Hale

Hundreds of councils miss deadline for issuing EHCPs to children with SEN who are transitioning to secondary school | Need advice? Call 0808 129 3320

Food Banks Struggle To Support Families During The School Holidays

Time icon 1 August 2017 | Person icon Samantha Hale

Rising numbers of families are asking food banks for supplies during the school holidays – we investigate why this is happening and how to help

How Can I Get Support For My Disabled Child During The School Holidays?

Time icon 1 August 2017 | Person icon Lenka Wall

Did you know your Local Authority can offer support for your disabled child during the school holidays? Find out how you can request this

Why Are School Exclusions Rising?

Time icon 28 July 2017 | Person icon Samantha Hale

School exclusions are rising – we explain why & what parents can do to support their children, especially those with SEN |Call 0808 129 3320

Are Asylum Seekers Entitled To Accommodation In The UK?

Time icon 18 July 2017 | Person icon Sarah Collier

We take a look at the challenges asylum seekers face when trying to secure accommodation in the UK, and the case of SG v Haringey

Successfully Getting Transport Provisions For Children With SEN

Time icon 4 July 2017 | Person icon Samantha Hale

Find out how we helped a family get home to school transport for their child with SEN | Need advice on SEND appeals? Call us on 0808 129 3320

My Child Has Autism – What Does This Mean For Their Education?

Time icon 23 June 2017 | Person icon Liam Wells

If your child has autism or other SEN, our Education Law Advisor covers what educational support is available – including getting an EHCP or EHCNA

Primary And Secondary School Places 2017 – The Latest Statistics

Time icon 22 June 2017 | Person icon Samantha Hale

Data from national offer day for primary & secondary schools in 2017 shows some shocking trends – our Education solicitor investigates

Interim Protection For Age-Disputed Minors – The Remaining Questions

Time icon 23 May 2017 | Person icon Simpson Millar LLP

Determining the age of asylum-seeking children – we take a look at the rules on interim protection for age-disputed children

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