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Simpson Millar announces first acquisition as part of £50m future investment plan

Time icon 13 September 2018 | Person icon Greg Cox

New government survey shows 66% of teachers are aware of ‘off-rolling’ and 21% saw it happen at their own school

Time icon 23 August 2018 | Person icon Dan Rosenberg

Withdrawal of Clinically Assisted Nutrition and Hydration and the involvement of the Court of Protection

Time icon 22 August 2018 | Person icon Aimee Brackfield

Decision to reduce special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) spending by £5m

Time icon 3 August 2018 | Person icon Samantha Hale

Court Of Appeal Rules Potential Trafficking Victim Entitled To Home Office Protection

Time icon 19 June 2018 | Person icon Silvia Nicolaou Garcia

The Court of Appeal has handed down judgment in R(TDT) v Secretary of State for the Home Department regarding protecting potential victims of trafficking.

High Court Orders Judicial Review Into Bristols £5m SEND Budget Reduction To Go Ahead

Time icon 8 June 2018 | Person icon Dan Rosenberg

High Court Orders Judicial Review Into Bristol’s £5m SEND Budget Reduction To Go Ahead

Walking For London Legal Support Trust 2018

Time icon 4 June 2018 | Person icon Fern Crabtree

Members of our staff took part in the London Legal Support Trust's 10km charity walk on 21st May 2018, alongside a record number of 13,000 walkers.

What Does The Children And Social Work Act Mean For Care Leavers?

Time icon 17 May 2018 | Person icon Lois Clifton

If you are a care leaver between 21-25, are you aware of how the changes to The Children and Social Work Act affect you?

The Right To Mainstream In EHCPs

Time icon 15 May 2018 | Person icon Emily Gent

A family requested a mainstream fall-back school be included in their child's EHCP, but received resistance from their Local Authority. Emily Gent explains the case.

Is A Powered Wheelchair Classed As Special Education Provision In An EHCP?

Time icon 15 May 2018 | Person icon Gregg Burrough

A Tribunal decision is being reassessed as to whether a powered wheelchair is considered educational provision as part of an Education Health Care Plan.

Transferring Statements Of SEN To EHCPs – Missing The Deadline And What You Can Do

Time icon 7 March 2018 | Person icon Samantha Hale

Samantha Hale, Education Associate, explains what your options are if your child's SEN still has not transitioned to a EHCP.

The Importance Of Detail – Does Your Child’s EHCP Meet The Grade?

Time icon 2 March 2018 | Person icon Emma Davies

If your child's Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) is lacking, do you know what action to take?

Do School Behaviour Policies Discriminate Against Students With Special Educational Needs?

Time icon 21 February 2018 | Person icon Alex Kelly

Some school behaviour policies might discrimination against children with SEND – find out why and what you can do to tackle this

5 Key Dates Parents Need To Know For The School Year

Time icon 15 February 2018 | Person icon Samantha Hale

We cover the dates parents need to know for the 2017/18 school year – phase transfer & EHCP deadlines and national allocation day for primary and secondary

How To Prepare For Your First Parents' Evening

Time icon 2 February 2018 | Person icon Samantha Hale

Nervous about your first parents evening? Here are 4 tips that will help you make the most of the evening | Need advice? Call 0808 129 3320

What SEND Support Is Available For Children Under 5?

Time icon 15 January 2018 | Person icon Samantha Hale

If your child is under 5 and they have SEND, find out what educational support they can get | Need education advice? Call 0808 129 3320

Helping A Child With Autism Secure A Performing Arts Placement

Time icon 12 January 2018 | Person icon James Betts

Find out how we helped a child with autism and an EHCP secure a performing arts placement | Need SEND or education advice? Call 0808 129 3320

Improving The Support Given To Victims Of Modern Slavery And Human Trafficking

Time icon 4 January 2018 | Person icon Chessie Aeron-Thomas

Victims of slavery and human trafficking could benefit from further support under the National Referral Mechanism – find out how

New SEND Tribunal Recommendations Power Will Be Introduced In April 2018

Time icon 3 January 2018 | Person icon Thomas Mitchell

On 3rd April 2018 new powers will be given to SEND tribunals – find out how this will benefit children with EHCPs and SEND

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