How Medical Records Can Help a Medical Negligence Claim

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Your medical records can help our Medical Negligence Solicitors work out if you’ve been given substandard treatment, how badly you’ve been injured and if what’s happened has made an existing health condition worse.

With a full copy of your medical records from your doctor and, if necessary, the treating hospital, we can accurately estimate how much compensation you need.

This is crucial as any settlement must compensate you not only for the injuries you’ve suffered because of the incident, but also help you access the treatment, rehabilitation, aid or equipment you need both now and in the future.

In medical negligence compensation claims, the treatment you’ve been given and your past medical history are inextricably linked, so it’s vital that we’re able to look at the bigger picture and make sure your full needs are met.

For a free claims assessment, get in touch with our Medical Negligence Solicitors. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have on your situation, and what type of evidence will be needed to prove a claim. Ask us if we can manage your case on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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What We’ll Do With Your Medical Records

If we can take on your case, our Medical Negligence Solicitors will carry out a thorough investigation into what’s happened and the effect it has had on you. So wide access to your medical records is both necessary and benefits your case by helping us get this right for you.

Once we’ve worked out who is responsible for the medical negligence, we’ll arrange for you to be assessed by an independent medical specialist.

They’ll provide us with a report describing your injuries and what the future may bring for you, which helps us work out how much compensation you should claim.

Access to your medical records can be crucial for the expert who assesses you and writes the report, so they can give an informed opinion on the treatment you received, how badly it’s affected your wider health and how it’s impacted on other aspects of your life, such as your job and social life.

It could also be important for the expert to know about a pre-existing medical issue, as it may be that you shouldn’t have been given the treatment you received because of this, or that a medical condition has got worse because of the negligent treatment.

Medical records can also help your case by helping us show that the alleged negligent treatment shown in the records is consistent with your recollection of what happened, and whether any information is missing or hasn’t been recorded.

Are My Medical Records Secure?

Yes. We understand you might be concerned about giving us full access to details of your medical history, but don’t worry.

We can assure you that we act in accordance with current data protection law, so we’ll make take steps such as making sure we have written consent for the disclosure of your medical needs. We’ll also focus on the elements of your past medical history that are relevant to your claim.

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