Compensation Secured for man who Fell in Supermarket Toilet

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Ian Clifton

Senior Associate Medical Negligence Solicitor

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We successfully supported and represented a man who was injured after he slipped on a wet floor in a supermarket toilet.

Our client, who we will refer to as Mr F for the purposes of this article and to maintain client confidentiality, was shopping at his local supermarket. When he went into the toilets however, unfortunately he slipped on a wet floor which caused him to fall. As a result of this, he suffered damage to his left hip.

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The Long Road to Recovery for Mr. F

Mr F was initially left with a large bruise where he had fallen however, as time went on, the bruise did not heal. Instead, the bruise became much more painful and more difficult to cope with.

After his accident, Mr F had to sleep downstairs in his home for five weeks as unfortunately his injury prevented him from climbing up the stairs to his bedroom. He was left unable to assist his wife around their home as he usually would which meant that she had to do all of the household and garden chores that she and her husband would usually share. In addition to this, she also had to provide care for Mr F while he recovered given that his mobility and ability to carry out normal everyday tasks was restricted.

Around 18 months after the accident, Mr F was examined by a doctor in order to make a note of any progress in his recovery. It was found that he had suffered from a soft tissue injury which is typically supposed to last no more than three months.

However, he was seen by another doctor just over a year later who noted that the injury he sustained to his hip was unfortunately still causing him to suffer with a lot of pain. As such, Mr F was given three injections of steroids to try and ease the pain and assist his recovery however sadly this didn’t help and he remained in the same amount of pain.

In addition to this, because of an accident that happened before his slip in the supermarket toilets, Mr F was already dealing with ongoing sciatica in one of his legs. Due to this and his additional hip injury that he sustained in the fall, he was unable to return to work.

Beyond this, his injuries continued to have an impact on his day to day life. After his accident, Mr F found it difficult to carry on with his life as he normally would. He stopped doing the things that he had enjoyed doing with his friends and family before the accident, such as eating out in restaurants or going out to the cinema to see a film.

Instead, he rarely left his home and when he did, it was only to attend at hospital appointments. His mental health was affected greatly by his accident as he found that he lost much of his self confidence. He felt restricted in his own home and struggled with the extensive changes in his life that had occurred since the accident. He often felt suicidal and would often go days without speaking to his wife or children.



How We Helped

Mr F got in touch with a member of our Personal Injury team who listened to the circumstances of his accident and the injuries he sustained as a result of this, particularly focusing on the impact that these injuries have had on his life. We were able to assess the prospects of success in his case and we let him know that we could take his case on.

This meant that we were able to assist him with the legal side of things which allowed him to solely focus on both his physical and mental wellbeing without having to worry about anything else. With the help of an expert Personal Injury Solicitor, our client was able to work out what losses he had incurred, such as medical bills and time spent off work, to help him to deal with any financial difficulties that he was facing as a result of the accident.

Our expert team of Personal Injury Solicitors were also able to determine the legal basis for our client’s case, essentially being able to argue that the wet floor our client slipped on should have been cordoned off and cleaned up to prevent any accidents from occurring. Had this been done, the accident wouldn’t have occurred and our client wouldn’t have been impacted in the way that he was. We were able to show a direct link between the accident and the position our client subsequently found himself in, both physically and mentally.

Throughout the case, we made sure that we kept Mr F up to date with all progress along the way. We understand that the process of making a personal injury claim can be daunting and confusing, especially if you haven’t had to go through anything like it before. We were able to provide reassurance and advice to Mr F so that he didn’t have to worry about what was happening with his case while he recovered.


 The Outcome

With our professional support and assistance, Mr F began to move forward from what had happened. He received not only expert legal advice but the knowledge that he was being taken care of throughout the process.

Following some negotiations with the insurance company for the supermarket in question, we were able to secure an award of compensation for Mr F was awarded £16,760. This sum will not only compensate our client for his pain and suffering as a result of the accident but will cover any previous medical expenses and loss of earnings that he sustained following the accident.

Additionally, the sum of compensation will allow Mr F to continue to receive ongoing treatment on a private basis, should he wish to do so, to aid his recovery and help to put him back into the position that he was in prior to the accident. Ultimately, this is the aim of compensation in the UK – to put the person who has been injured back into the position that they would have been in had the accident not occurred.

We recognise that this is not possible in many cases however we are hopeful that the funds secured for Mr F will help to support him to move forward with his recovery and to support him in the future.  It’s important to us here at Simpson Millar that we are able to obtain compensation for our clients to help to support them. In this case, the compensation should assist with our clients ongoing medical treatment as well as bills he had previously incurred, which were significant after visiting the hospital so frequently over the course of three years.

The settlement won’t be able to reverse the pain that Mr. F had to endure, but it will allow him to focus on getting better instead of worrying about medical expenses. With him being unable to return to work, he was also able to use much of his compensation to ensure other bills and expenses were covered, which put him and his wife at ease.



If you have been involved in an accident in a supermarket please do not hesitate in contacting our expert team of Personal Injury Solicitors who will be able to provide you with a free, no obligation claims assessment. We will listen to the details of your accident and the impact that your injuries have had on your life.

We will then be able to assess the prospects of success in you being able to obtain compensation for your accident to compensate you for the injuries that you sustained and any subsequent losses. We may even be able to take on  your case on a No Win, No Fee basis – just ask us about this.

Our team can be contacted on 0808 239 3227 or alternatively you can request a call back . Alternatively, if you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this article, help is available through various different organisations, the details for some of which can be found below:

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Ian Clifton

Senior Associate Medical Negligence Solicitor

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Ian is a Solicitor in our Medical Negligence team and is based in our Liverpool office. He has over 10 years’ experience of helping clients who have suffered as a result of negligent medical treatment.

Throughout his career, Ian has dealt with a wide variety of cases in the areas of oncology, gynaecology, dental, cosmetic surgery and general practice matters in addition to others. He has helped clients who have experienced:

Ian also has significant experience of acting on behalf of the families of patients who have sadly died as a result of negligent medical treatment.


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