What Reports Should I Get from My Conveyancing Solicitor?

From our Conveyancing Solicitors you will receive three distinct reports when buying a property in England or Wales. These reports may be separate or combined, depending on when the relevant information is received. The reports you’ll receive from us include:

Title Report

The Title Report will set out the legal Title you are buying together with any rights granted or reserved over the property. The report will also contain information on any restrictive covenants.  You will also receive a copy of the registered Title and filed plan, which will confirm the extent of the land you are buying.

It’s important to review all of the documents and confirm to your Conveyancing Solicitor the extent of the land is correct and any covenants will not impact on your enjoyment, for example if you want to put yurts on your land but there is a covenant not to build, you need to discuss this with your Conveyancing Solicitor before proceeding.

If the property is unregistered at the Land Registry, you will receive a copy of the unregistered Deeds rather than a copy of the registered Title and filed plan.

Search Report

The Search Report will provide you with information on your Conveyancing (property) search results. It will advise on drainage, environmental issues such as flooding and planning permissions, street orders, building regulations and any others matters that may affect the property. 

Mortgage Offer Report

If you are buying a house with a mortgage, you will receive a Mortgage Offer Report setting out any special conditions. As Conveyancing Solicitors, we’re not able to provide you with financial advice. However, we will report to you on the terms, payment and any conditions that may need to be satisfied before exchange or completion can take place.

The final information you will receive relates to replies to enquiries raised by us with the seller’s Conveyancing Solicitor. As your Conveyancing Solicitor, our job is to review all the paperwork and raise relevant matters with the seller’s Conveyancing Solicitor as soon as possible to avoid any delays. Once we are happy with the replies, we’ll write to you to explain any issues and seek your instructions as to how you wish to proceed.

Once you’re happy with the information and we’re happy you are buying a good and marketable property, we’ll seek further instructions on exchange of contracts and completion date.

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Our Commitment to You

Your Conveyancing Solicitor has a duty to provide you with information relating to your purchase such as any restrictions on use, any rights of way or easements affecting the property, boundary ownership and other areas.

But with information comes paperwork, and it can be quite daunting to receive massive amounts of paper or numerous attachments to an email. The jargon can be confusing and you may feel you’re drowning in the detail. That’s why at Simpson Millar, our Conveyancing Solicitors provide reports which are straightforward and easy to understand. 

We’ll explain any onerous conditions and support you in making any decisions to proceed or not. Our reports will advise you of the Title to the property, conditions and requirements of your mortgage offer and results of your Conveyancing searches.

Only when you have full transparent information which you understand will we proceed to an exchange of contracts on your behalf. We won’t data dump information and expect you to work it all out.

We’ll tailor our Conveyancing service to your requirements. If you would prefer to visit one of our eleven offices, we can meet with you to discuss the legal documentation. We’ll also follow up the meeting with written reports to ensure you have a copy of the advice.

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