What are the Psychological Effects of a Serious Injury?

Jonathan Thursby
Associate Solicitor, Personal Injury Claims

When you suffer a sudden life changing injury in an accident, friends and family can often overlook the fact that the psychological impact of a serious injury can be just as significant as the physical effects.

In many serious injury cases, a new disability can mean:

      • A questioning of life values
      • A change of a role in the family
      • Getting used to the involvement of healthcare professionals
      • Dealing with a change in other people's perception of you
      • Loss or reduction of earnings or income

A person who is recovering from a serious injury may also experience symptoms of depression, including:

        • Loss of interest in what may have previously been an enjoyable activity
        • Withdrawal from family and friends
        • Inability to concentrate
        • Feeling overwhelmed and lacking in confidence
        • Increase in alcohol and drug intake
        • Significant weight loss or gain
        • Trouble getting to sleep
        • Feeling worthless and helpless
        • Increase in irritability
        • Feelings of unhappiness and/or frustration most of the time
        • Suicidal thoughts

Furthermore, the daily stress and worry of coping with daily life can lead to symptoms of anxiety. These may include:

          • Hot and cold flushes
          • Quick heartbeat
          • Tightening of the chest
          • Worries that seem to snowball
          • Repetitively going over the same thoughts

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can also develop after a serious injury, especially if the accident that led to your serious injuries was terrifying or life-threatening, and it was not your fault.

Common Signs of PTSD include:

            • Difficulty sleeping
            • Vivid nightmares
            • A constant searching for signs of danger
            • Irritability
            • Avoiding certain activities, places or people that are reminders of the event
            • Lack of concentration
            • Detachment from family and friends
            • Emotional numbness
            • Feeling upset after suffering a serious injury that has left a person

How a Serious Injury Claim Can Help You

But by making a serious injury claim, you could receive compensation including money to pay for private healthcare and rehabilitation support, ensuring you get the specialist help you need quickly; to help you gain a good quality of life and cope with new financial pressures if you’re unable to work.

Money received through a successful serious injury claim can also be used to help you cope with any new disability that you may have after suffering a life changing injury. By having the right equipment available, you can look towards a more independent and therefore happier future.

Money is one of the main causes of anxiety and depression, so the financial security that comes with securing compensation for a serious personal injury could hugely benefit your mental health.

Our Personal Injury Solicitors have many years’ experience of handling serious injury claims, and many cases can be dealt with on a No Win, No Fee basis – ask us for details.

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