Top 5 Reasons to Make a Will

January is a time of new beginnings. New Year’s Resolutions are everywhere, but you’ve probably not thought much about making a Will.

Planning ahead and making sure you and your family are protected is an excellent way to start the New Year, so we’ve put together 5 of the top reasons why you need to make a Will.

One - Avoid Family Disputes

Making a Will that outlines exactly what you want to happen when you die will help your family to avoid disputes after you pass away. Lots of family rifts happen because of assumptions or misunderstandings when someone dies. These kind of family disagreements happen more often when the person who died didn’t make a Will. 

If there is no Will, who knows what that person wanted? This can be particularly difficult for unmarried partners or step children as the Rules of Intestacy do not allow them to inherit anything if there is no Will. Help your family avoid any uncertainty by recording your wishing in your Will.

Two - Who Looks after Your Children?

No one wants to think about what happens if you have children under the age of 18, and both you and your partner die, but it’s so important to do this anyway.

Making a Will lets you decide who you want to care for your children if you both die. If you both die with no Will, a Judge may decide who cares for your children. Would you rather make the decision on who raises your children or leave it to chance?

Three - You Decide Who Handles Your Affairs

When you write your Will, you choose who will be your Executor and handle your Estate for you when you die. They will pay any debts or bills, notify everyone who needs to know like the Pension Service or your electricity and gas supplier, collect all your assets and then share them as per your instructions in your Will.

By writing a Will, you have control over who manages the process for you. You can appoint someone your trust, who will be reliable and organised. You can choose someone outside of your family member and it’s always best to have more than one Executor in case one of them dies before you do.

Four - Protect Your Assets

A Will written for you by a professional Will writer can take steps to protect your assets from being lost to care home fees or being given to someone outside the family.

If you left everything to your husband or wife when you died but they needed to go to a care home, all the assets would be used to pay for that care. Even though your original intention was for your assets to be passed on your husband or wife and then to your children.

By taking some simple steps, that includes taking legal advice and making a Will, you can protect your assets so they can be passed down to your children.

Five - Help Your Loved ones

Losing someone you love is so difficult. By making a Will, you can make sure that your loved ones are comforted by the fact they are carrying out your wishes as you planned. This means you can continue to care for your family even when you aren’t around to guide them.

You can even add in information about your funeral plans – whether you want to be cremated or buried and even tell them about any songs you want played at your funeral. If you don’t want to discuss these details with your family because it’s too difficult, leaving instructions in your Will means they have a good idea what you want.

You can see the top 5 benefits for making a Will are really important so you owe it to yourself and your family to make a Will.

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