Motorcyclist hit by Taxi Awarded £25,000 Compensation Case Study

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Our personal injury solicitors successfully represented a client who was involved in a road traffic accident, which resulted in various injuries.

Our client was riding his motorcycle in October 2015, when a taxi performed a sudden U-turn, which resulted in our client unavoidably hitting the front of the incoming vehicle. Our client was thrown off his motorcycle, which resulted in him sustaining several injuries, including a fracture to his wrist, resulting in him wearing a plaster cast for four weeks, and psychological symptoms.

He also suffered damage to his groin, which resulted in further urological issues. This issue continued, and consequently affected our client’s relationship with his wife.

After visiting a medical professional, it was found that our client had suffered permanent damage to his wrist, which would continue to cause him pain and discomfort. He also was unable to work for eight and a half weeks prior to the accident.

Our client did not return to riding his motorcycle after the accident and stated that he felt anxious about doing so. His psychological state was affected by the accident, which left him feeling low. He also experienced intrusive images when passing the site of the accident.

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How we Helped

The client contacted Simpson Millar, and Personal Injury Lawyer Simon Stanfield acted on behalf of the claimant when the case went to court. Because liability was already accepted, we helped our client to obtain a lumpsum of damages. We helped the claimant gather medical reports to prove how the accident impacted his physical and mental state.

The Outcome

We were able to secure compensation of £25,000 for our client. This compensation was to cover the clients ongoing pain and difficulties with his wrist, as well as covering medical expenses and the time our client spent out of work.

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