£2m Compensation for man who was hit by car at Eight Years old

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Our client, who we’ll refer to as C, was eight years old when he crossed the road and was hit suddenly by an oncoming vehicle that failed to sufficiently slow down.

As a result of the accident, C suffered a traumatic brain injury which has led to him experiencing poor concentration, problems with memory, dizziness, lacking social skills and ongoing headaches.

C’s poor cognitive function in particular has negatively affected his academic performance at school and it is likely that he won’t be able to retain any level of employment in the future unless he is directly supervised at all times.

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How we Helped

We helped C by identifying his injuries and ensuring that he was assessed by all applicable medical and non-medical experts to ensure that his physical, physiological and care needs were all taken into consideration.

Through medical assessments, we found that there is a risk that C will develop epilepsy in the future. If this does happen, C has been granted permission to return to the Defendant, as long as he does this within three years of diagnosis.

We considered C’s potential future medical needs as part of the valuation of the claim as well as the ongoing care that he will require.

The Outcome

We were able to secure a settlement of £2m for C and his family, despite the other party not admitting liability.

A sum of £40,000 was awarded to C’s mother in recognition of the past care she provided.

C is now 21 years old and his family are delighted that this matter is now settled, we wish them all the best.

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