£63,500 Compensation for Biker Injured in Car Accident

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A Motorbike Accident Claim Case Study – Client Situation

Our client, a man in his 60s, was riding his motorbike when a car travelling in the opposite direction turned right and hit him. As a result of the impact, he was thrown over the handlebars and on top of the car, and he landed on the road.

He sustained fractures to both of his wrists and an injury to his left shoulder, and still feels aches and pains as a result of the accident today.

The motorbike accident also had a big psychological impact on our client, as it left him suffering with stress, insomnia and major depressive disorder. He also has flashbacks to the accident with the car and has driver/travel anxiety.

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How We Helped

The injured biker called our specialist Motorbike Accident Solicitors for free legal advice about making a claim for compensation. After reviewing the details of the accident, Solicitor Simon Stanfield, our Head of Road Traffic Accidents agreed to take on the biker’s claim on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Simon approached the other party, alleging that the driver of the car had been driving too fast at the time of the accident. Simon argued that the driver also failed to observe or respond to the presence of our client’s motorbike, which had been correctly proceeding down the road when the collision occurred.

This, Simon said, meant the car driver wasn’t exercising due care and attention while in control of the car. Thankfully, the driver’s insurer admitted liability (fault) for the accident, which meant a Court trial to settle the claim wouldn’t be necessary.

Simon arranged independent medical assessments for our client from Orthopaedic Surgeons and a Clinical Psychologist. They compiled medical reports outlining the nature and severity of our client’s injuries, which helped us identify his future care needs.

Simon and his team also calculated our client’s financial losses, which included the cost of replacing his damaged equipment and clothing, such as his helmet and riding gloves. In addition, our valuation of the claim considered other costs including his travel and medication expenses and future surgery costs, as well as the cost of treatment including a course of cognitive behavioural therapy.

The cost of the care and assistance he had required was also factored into our calculations, as he required special attention following the accident. This was provided by family, and we believed the level of help they provided went over and above what would have been given in the ordinary course of family life. As such, this should be reflected in our client’s compensation settlement.

The Outcome

Simon secured a compensation settlement of £63,500 for our client. This will help him manage his ongoing recovery without financial disadvantage, as he continues to experience ongoing physical and psychological symptoms. He has also been advised to undergo further scans and could require additional surgery, which means he will have to take additional time off work.

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