£30,000 Compensation for Elderly Lady Knocked Down on Pavement

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A Pedestrian Accident Claim Case Study - Client Situation

Ms R, an elderly lady, was stood on the pavement talking to a friend on New Year’s Day when she was hit and knocked down by a car.

Her leg was fractured in the accident, and she had to undergo surgery and use a leg brace for several weeks. She was also told there was a one in five chance she could need to have a knee replacement in the future.

Ms R’s injuries also meant she couldn’t look after her dog for some time, so her beloved pet had to go and live with someone else while she recovered.

The occupants of the car ran away from the scene and were never identified by the police.

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How We Helped

Ms R contacted our specialist Car Accident Lawyers for a free claims assessment, and I was confident her claim for compensation had a good chance of success, despite the fact that the driver of the car couldn’t be tracked down.

I arranged to claim through the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB), which was set up to help victims of road accidents get compensation if the driver was uninsured or couldn’t be traced.

An independent medical assessment of Ms R was arranged, so a medical report detailing her injuries and how they had affected her life could be prepared. This meant we could determine what care, treatment and rehabilitation she needed, and how much this would cost, so it could be included as part of our Pedestrian Accident Claim.

We claimed for the cost of the care and assistance that Ms R had needed following the accident, travel expenses and 20% of the cost of any surgery and support she would need in the future.

We also secured an interim payment of £5,000 compensation, which meant Ms R didn’t have to wait until the case ended before being able to access some of the support she needed.

I negotiated with the MIB to reach a fair and reasonable settlement on Ms R’s behalf, and the MIB offered £20,000 in compensation at first. However, this offer was rejected by Ms R.

The Outcome

Following further negotiations with the MIB, they increased their offer to £30,000. We advised Ms R to appeal this decision, but by this point, she wanted to bring the claim to an end and was happy to settle for this amount.

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