1000s of Blackpool Homeowners Could Claim for Faulty Cavity Wall Insulation

Portrait of Robert Godfrey
Robert Godfrey
Partner, Head of Professional Negligence and Dispute Resolution

Many people in Blackpool have had cavity wall insulation installed in their homes since the scheme was first introduced by the government in the 1990s. But did you know that many properties in Blackpool are unsuitable for this type of insulation?

Our Cavity Wall Insulation Solicitors have identified that Blackpool homeowners could claim compensation if their cavity wall insulation was installed incorrectly. This can cause a whole host of problems including mould and damp, which can leave you with expensive repairs, and in some cases, permanent damage to your property.

What is Cavity Wall Insulation?

When installed correctly, cavity wall insulation helps improve the temperature of your home while helping you cut down on your energy bills. Most properties built after 1920 already have a cavity wall in place, but many people in older properties have paid an installer to carry out cavity wall insulation.

The insulation is usually made up of materials such as wool, polystyrene beads or foam, and is done by blowing these materials into drilled holes in the exterior brickwork of a property.

Registered installers are responsible for checking the suitability of your property before carrying out the cavity wall insulation.

Usually, a house is suitable for cavity wall insulation if:

  • The exterior brickwork of your property is in good condition
  • The area you live in isn’t exposed to particularly windy or rainy weather conditions
  • Your area isn’t at risk of flooding
  • The cavity is at least 50mm wide and clear of rubble

As areas like Blackpool are prone to wind-driven rain, we’re finding that lots of properties in this area are actually unsuitable for cavity wall insulation.  

“Many homeowners have come to us with cavity wall insulation problems, which have often left them out of pocket and unsure where to turn to,” says Robert Godfrey, Head of Professional Negligence and Dispute Resolution.

“We often find that the client’s home wasn’t suitable for the insulation in the first place, but the installer didn’t check the property or simply decided to carry out the installation anyway.”

What Problems Can Cavity Wall Insulation Cause?

When installed incorrectly or in an unsuitable home, cavity wall insulation can cause:

  • Damp
  • Mould
  • Condensation
  • Damage to your property and belongings

Not only can this make your home unpleasant to live in, but these problems can be expensive to rectify if they’ve caused long-term damage to your property.

Some of these problems can take months or even years to surface but we recommend getting expert advice as soon as you spot any issues. Cavity wall insulation is supposed to improve the temperature of your home, so if you’ve not felt any warmer since it was installed, this can be another telltale sign that it might not have been installed correctly.

“I know how frustrating it must be if you’ve ended up worse off because of faulty cavity wall insulation that should have benefitted you,” says Robert.

“We’re here to help homeowners get back the money they’ve lost because of their cavity wall insulation, so they can get the problems sorted and enjoy living in their homes comfortably, free from mould and damp.”

Making a Claim for Cavity Wall Insulation

If you live in Blackpool and you’ve experienced problems since your cavity wall insulation was installed, and the installation company you used is still trading, then you could make a claim for compensation against the installer.

Get in touch with our Cavity Wall Insulation Claims Solicitors for a free claims assessment and we’ll tell you whether you’ve got a strong chance of making a claim. If you do, we can probably handle your claim on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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