Machine Operator Injured at Work Agrees Six Figure Settlement

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We helped a man access specialist mental health support including CBT after an accident at work caused psychological issues.

David*, a man in his late 50s, was a skilled machine operator and had worked for his employer for 15 years. He lived with his wife and enjoyed active outdoor pursuits including gardening.

One day, he suffered a serious crushing accident at work, sustaining a significant injury to his right leg, including several fractures.

He underwent rehabilitation following the accident, but he continued experiencing some problems with his leg.

David never ended up returning to work and was made redundant, although this wasn’t related to his injury.

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How We Helped

David contacted our expert Personal Injury Solicitors for a free claims assessment to discuss claiming compensation, and after speaking with him, I felt he had strong grounds to make an accident at work claim and agreed to help him.

I contacted David’s employer, who admitted full responsibility for his workplace accident.

This meant David wouldn’t have to go through the added stress and upset of going to Court, and that we could amicably negotiate a fair and reasonable compensation settlement.

Gathering Medical Evidence

I also arranged for David to be assessed by several independent medical experts, so reports into his condition could be written up and any potential medical needs and recommendations could be identified.

This included reports from a lower limb orthopaedic expert and a report from a consultant psychiatrist, as David was struggling with symptoms including low mood.

With the findings of these medical reports, along with an investigation into the financial impact of the accident on David’s life, I could work out how much compensation he should claim to make sure his current and future needs were met.

What Was the Outcome?

Following negotiations with his former employer’s insurance company, a compensation settlement of £115,000 was agreed.

This will help to fund the care and support that David needs, including possible Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and other mental health support, which could cost several thousand pounds.

It’s possible that David may also need further surgery at some point in the future and this aspect was also reflected within his compensation.

The settlement also took into account the financial losses David has experienced since his accident at work, and the cost of the care and assistance he received during his recuperation.

David was very grateful for our help in securing the compensation settlement. He very kindly thanked us for how we kept him up to date throughout the claims process and for making sure that the information and legal advice he was given was easy to understand.

David hopes to return to work in the future, but accepts this could be some time off due to his condition, and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the jobs market. We wish him well for the future.

*not his real name

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