Gamer Gets Adapted Gaming Chair after Spinal Cord Injury

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After suffering a spinal cord injury, it’s really important for your mental health and wellbeing that you can continue enjoying your favourite hobbies and activities.

So if we can take on your case, our expert Serious Injury Solicitors will find out straight away what you want to be able to do in the future. We can then build a rehabilitation package that reflects your specific goals and aspirations.

For example, we recently helped a keen gamer get an adapted gaming chair after he sustained a serious spinal injury in an accident at work.

Life shouldn’t stop with a spinal injury and we believe that helping you continue doing the things you love is an important part of your recovery.

But many people don’t always know what type of support can be put in place to help them in these life-changing circumstances, so it’s well worth speaking with an expert in this area of law.

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Ben’s Story

I’m currently acting for a young man who suffered catastrophic injuries in an accident at work.

Ben* was working as a mechanic when he was crushed and trapped by a large engine stand. He sustained a crush injury to his lumbar spine and damage to the spinal cord, along with internal injuries to his bowel and bladder.

He had to undergo emergency surgery, but as he was recovering from the operation in hospital, he was given the devastating news that the damage to his spinal cord had resulted in Cauda Equina Syndrome.

This would lead to permanent life-long symptoms, including loss of bladder and bowel control, and the loss of muscle strength in both legs.

Fortunately, he had the help and support of his loving family, and they contacted our Serious Injury Solicitors to discuss claiming compensation. This would allow him to get the care and rehabilitation support he badly needed and rebuild his life.

How We’re Helping

After taking on the case, I immediately approached Ben’s employer with details of our accident at work claim, as I felt it was important to get an early interim payment of compensation.

This would mean Ben and his family could get as much support as they needed from the outset, without having to wait for the legal process to end. The company admitted they were at fault for the accident and we secured the interim payment for Ben.

I also appointed a case manager, as I believed putting early support in place was essential to Ben’s rehabilitation journey. So far, the case management support has proved invaluable.

It’s worth highlighting the types of support which can be put in place to help people after they’ve suffered a serious injury, as many don’t know just what support is out there and can be accessed to help.

Rehabilitation for Ben

Ben’s rehabilitation package has been tailored specifically to meet his current needs and built towards his hopes and ambitions. This includes:

    • Neuro physiotherapy
    • Podiatry
    • Psychological treatment
    • Massage therapy
    • A cleaner
    • An Occupational Therapist, who has advised on aids and adaptations in the house
    • Car adaptations

Ben is also a keen gaming fan, and we wanted to help him continue enjoying this hobby, so helped him get an adapted gaming chair.

All this help was provided very successfully throughout lockdown, and we also made sure he could connect virtually with friends during his time.

We’re now looking at Ben’s accommodation needs, so he can have the space he needs to live safely and independently, and room to accommodate the aids and adaptations that have been recommended for him.

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