Five-Figure Settlement for Crane Worker Injured on Site

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Our client was working as a Trainee Tower Crane Erector for his employer HTC Wolffkran Ltd when  he was sent with a team to dismantle a crane. Upon arrival at the site he was instructed by his Supervisor to de-rope the crane, which involved bringing wire ropes down through sheaves from the top of the crane.

The ropes had been coated with a substance called wire rope grease to facilitate movement.  The area in which he was working was small and confined. While he was doing the task his harness lanyard became caught by the grease coating on one of the ropes. As he turned around to free himself, his gloved hand became caught by the wire rope grease and his right hand was pulled into the sheave. This caused him serious injury. He attended hospital immediately after the incident and again a second time before being referred to a hand specialist for treatment. He later had surgery on his middle finger which included tendon repair, nerve repair and fixation of a fracture.

As a result of the incident, he was left with a deformed middle finger, scarring to this middle and index fingers plus loss of pulp. He also had a loss of grip, pain and cold sensitivity.

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How we Helped

We commissioned a medical report from an upper limb specialist who advised our client may need more surgery and estimated the cost of such treatment. Through this we ascertained what long term affects the injury could have on our client’s future employment prospects. We contacted the employer’s insurance company and submitted a financial claim for this along with amounts for future travel, future care, medication and loss of earnings. We also pointed out that our client was a trainee with no previous experience of the task he had been asked to do. 

The Outcome

Liability for the accident was agreed based on a 50/50 split. Our client settled out of court for £17,250 in a full and final settlement. This amount was to compensate him for the injury and for the future treatment needed. We submitted our costs separately to the insurers.

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