£16,000 Compensation after Pavement Trip Caused Back Injury

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A Personal Injury Claim Case Study - Client Situation

Mr R tripped and fell on a pavement and was injured in the fall. He suffered a soft tissue injury to his left shoulder and also hurt his back. Fortunately, his shoulder injury cleared up in a few months, although he continued to suffer minor discomfort in his shoulder for some time afterwards.

His back injury left him with regular pain and stiffness, and although his symptoms eased to the point where they became fairly minor, they are expected to remain permanent.

Mr R had to spend 2 weeks off work following the accident and undergo physiotherapy. With physio treatment, he was able to return to the gym and enjoy active pursuits such as swimming.

He was also able to go back to work as a plasterer, a job that involved lots of physical activity, but he had to start using over-the-counter painkillers to manage his symptoms of back pain.

Mr R got in touch with our Serious Injury Solicitors for a free claims assessment and legal advice about making a public liability claim for compensation, as he felt it was the local authority’s negligence that led to him being injured.

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How We Helped

Gulderen Salih, an Associate Chartered Legal Executive (Personal Injury Lawyer), felt Mr R had a good claim against Torbay Council, who were responsible for maintaining the pavement he tripped up on, and agreed to help him in his fight for justice.

Gulderen approached Torbay Council, who admitted that poor maintenance of the pavement surface contributed to the accident and agreed to compensate Mr R for his injuries and financial losses.

She then set about working out exactly how much compensation he should claim, accurately reflecting what he’d already gone through and what he would need in the future.

Gulderen obtained medical reports from a GP and an orthopaedic expert specialising in spinal injuries. It was recommended that our client have an MRI scan to provide a final diagnosis and determine his future care and support needs.

The MRI scan revealed that he suffered a soft tissue injury to his left shoulder and fractures of the thoracic spine that led to kyphosis - a condition where the top of the back is excessively curved and looks more rounded than normal.

With this evidence, we were able to estimate how much compensation he should be awarded from Torbay Council, taking into account factors such as the pain and suffering he’d experienced and how his back injury had affected his quality of life.

Our compensation estimate also considered the financial effects of living with his back injury, including paying for physiotherapy and medication to manage the pain.

The Outcome

Gulderen negotiated with Torbay Council over a final compensation figure, and a settlement of £16,000 was agreed and accepted by Mr R.

This means he can continue to get the treatment he needs to help him manage his symptoms in the future without worrying about the cost.

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