Hospital Failed to Spot Issue With Major Coronary Artery

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Medical Negligence meant a vulnerable patient, suffering from heart problems, had to have two serious heart operations instead of one.

Mr Jones was admitted to an NHS hospital with chest pains back in May 2018. But the NHS hospital he was taken to was understaffed, so he was transferred to a private hospital for treatment.

Following an angiography, which is a type of X-ray used to check the health of blood vessels, it was discovered that Mr Jones needed an angioplasty, a procedure that opens up blocked coronary arteries, and a stent fitted in his right coronary artery to stop it from closing back up.

About three months after his operation, Mr Jones became seriously ill and was rushed back into hospital.

The hospital found that he had a calcification, a build-up of calcium salts which causes tissue to harden, on the left anterior descending (LAD) artery, the body’s biggest coronary artery.

Mr Jones had to go back into surgery and have an operation to remove the calcification.

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How we helped Mr Jones

Once he’d recovered from his second operation, Mr Jones approached our Medical Negligence team for some advice. He felt that if the calcification had been spotted earlier, he’d have only needed one intrusive operation, not two.

We listened to what he’d been through and after a little investigation, we were able to prove that the calcification had been there when he’d had his initial angiography back in May and it should’ve been removed during his first, angioplasty operation.

Mr Jones suffered from a lack of duty of care by the private hospital, and as a result, became ill and had to undergo a second major heart operation.

The outcome for Mr Jones

When we approached the private hospital with our Medical Negligence claim, they quickly accepted liability and we were able to get Mr Jones the compensation amount he deserved.

Thankfully, Mr Jones made a full recovery, didn’t suffer from any long-term damage, and was able to move forwards with his life.

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