JTF Mega Discount Warehouse Staff Could Claim up to £4,352

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Damian Kelly
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Have you lost your job at JTF Mega Discount Warehouse? If you weren’t properly consulted about your redundancy, you could claim up to 90 days’ pay by making a Protective Award Claim.

Use our free Eligibility Checker today to see if you’re eligible to make a claim. We handle all Protective Award Claims on a No Win, No Fee basis, so you don’t have to worry about paying any legal fees up front, and only pay a percentage if your claim is successful.

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What is a Protective Award Claim?

A Protective Award Claim is compensation that’s awarded to employees when their employer fails to consult with them properly about their redundancy.

To be eligible for a Protective Award Claim, you must meet a set criteria:

  • Your employer made more than 20 members of staff redundant from the same location
  • They didn’t follow the correct legal redundancy process when they told you

If the above applies to you, get in touch with our Employment Solicitors to see if you can make a claim.

How much can I Claim through a Protective Award?

You could claim up to 90 days’ pay through a Protective Award Claim but the exact amount you’ll get will be based on your gross weekly pay.

You’re guaranteed to get at least 8 weeks’ pay by HM Insolvency Service but there’s a cap of £544 a week, meaning that the total amount you can claim is £4,352.

Both full time and part time employees can make a Protective Award Claim and doing so won’t affect any outstanding wages, redundancy pay or holiday pay you’re expecting.

Is there a Time Limit for Making a Claim?

There’s a strict time limit of 3 months, less one day, from the date you were made redundant to make a Protective Award Claim.

We recommend getting in touch with our Employment Solicitors as soon as possible for expert legal advice.

How to make a Protective Award Claim

While it’s possible to make a Protective Award Claim yourself, our Employment Solicitors can take the pressure off by handling the entire claims process for you, so you won’t miss any important steps or strict deadlines.

This includes:

  • Checking your eligibility – we’ll tell you straight away whether you’re eligible to make a claim, or you can use our free eligibility checker
  • Getting permission from the administrators – you can’t make a claim without doing this
  • Completing an ACAS Early Conciliation – this needs to be completed before you file a claim with the Employment Tribunal. We can help you complete the necessary forms
  • Getting a judgment from the Employment Tribunal – they’ll decide whether or not you were properly consulted about your redundancy
  • Getting your compensation – if your Protective Award Claim is successful, you’ll either be paid directly by JTF Mega Discount Warehouse or the HM Insolvency Service

Help from an Employment Solicitor

Our Employment Solicitors have helped many people make a Protective Award Claim after they were made redundant without proper consultation.

Making a claim can get complicated and there are strict time limits to stick to. Using our knowledge of the Employment Tribunal, we can make the process as seamless as possible for you.

We can help you make an individual Protective Award Claim or we can help you and your colleagues make a group claim. All of our Protective Award Claims are dealt with on a No Win, No Fee basis. Get in touch today to see if you can make a claim.

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