Is It Better to Use a Local Solicitor for Conveyancing?


You may benefit from using a Conveyancer with specialist or local knowledge if you have complicated circumstances that need broader advice or there’s a specific aspect you need advice on. For example, if the property you’re buying or selling has an unusual feature such as river or mooring rights, or it's a Trust asset or part of an inheritance.

If you want or need face to face advice because you have specialist communication needs, such as sign language or an interpreter, and want the option to go into an office, then a local Lawyer may be the best option for you.

But for the majority of transactions, the location of a Conveyancer is less important than the type of service and expertise you need, as the legal processes involved in buying and selling a home are broadly the same across England and Wales. 

So it’s worth making sure you’re not sacrificing a quality conveyancing service just to use a Conveyancer who is local to you.

It’s usual these days for information and documents to be sent via post and email and communication to happen by email and phone, rather than face to face in an office. The Coronavirus pandemic really highlighted the ways in which we can all work just as well remotely, but our Conveyancers and Conveyancing Solicitors could work in this way even before the pandemic began.

As Simpson Millar is a national law firm with Conveyancers and offices across the UK, we can work for you no matter where you are.

We are accredited by the Law Society under the Conveyancing Quality Scheme, which a recognised quality standard for Conveyancing law firms so you won’t have to compromise on quality or service.

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So whatever your conveyancing needs and whether or not you feel local knowledge would benefit you, Simpson Millar can help. Get in touch with our Conveyancing Solicitors or get a free fixed price Conveyancing Quote today.

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Is it Better to Use a Solicitor or a Conveyancer?

Conveyancing Solicitors are qualified Lawyers and may be more experienced than some Conveyancers, but many Conveyancers and other types of lawyer have years of experience and are property experts so can help you just as well.

Here at Simpson Millar we have a mix of Solicitors, other qualified Lawyers and experienced Conveyancers, so can judge the level of experience your transaction needs. And as a multi-disciplinary law firm, we have other experts on hand to cater for all your associated legal needs such as Family Law advice or putting your new home in your Wills.

Should You Use the Same Solicitor when Buying and Selling?

If you’re both buying and selling, it’s always best to use one Conveyancer for both transactions so that exchange and completion can be tied in together rather than having to liaise with two separate Conveyancers, provide information for identity and due diligence purposes to both, and risk delays whilst moneys are moved between each firm on completion. If your sale and purchase don’t need to complete on the same day, it will still be easier to return to the same Conveyancer you used for the first transaction.

How Do I Choose a Conveyancing Solicitor?

When choosing a Conveyancer, you want to be sure that you can trust the person who is helping you with such an important transaction. Here are just a few reasons why you can put your trust in Simpson Millar:

  • We’re accredited by the Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme
  • We offer Fixed Fees at a competitive price
  • Our No Sale, No Fee guarantee means if your property transaction falls through, we won’t charge you a penny for the legal work we’ve done so far
  • Our Search Pledge means if your purchase falls through, your next set of searches will be completely free of charge, giving you peace of mind on the cost of your move
  • Simpson Millar’s team of Conveyancing Solicitors are dedicated experts who will work with you and keep you updated

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At Simpson Millar, we can help you with any legal property services you need.

We know how stressful the conveyancing process can be, which is why we will use plain English to communicate with you every step of the way. We’ll work with you to help you understand the process and start your new life in your new home. Get in touch today.

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