International Brain Tumour Awareness Week Underway

Rebecca Brunton
Medical Negligence Solicitor

This week is International Brain Tumour Awareness Week, a global campaign to raise awareness of the challenges faced by people who’ve had brain tumours and improve their lives.

Our specialist Medical Negligence Solicitors often help people who are learning to live with a brain tumour, often because it wasn’t diagnosed quickly enough, so we work hard to get them the care, support and rehabilitation they need and deserve.

The impact of a brain tumour on these people can be devastating, affecting their day-to-day life and long-term health outcomes, so we’re delighted to see the issue being given the attention it deserves, and discussions taking place worldwide on what can be done to make people’s lives better.

For more information on what’s happening and how you can get involved see International Brain Tumour Awareness Week.

Misdiagnosis of Brain Tumours a Key Issue

Many common symptoms of brain tumours can be linked to countless other health problems, such as poor eyesight, stress, vertigo and epilepsy.

So doctors might sometimes fail to make the connection with a brain tumour and diagnose it as something else, and if that happens, you won’t be referred to the right specialists or given the proper tests straight away.

But early intervention is crucial with brain tumours, so any delay could lead to your condition getting worse. This in turn means your chances of making a full recovery can fall, and any treatment you need could be more severe and invasive.

We can’t understate how important it is for healthcare professionals to be able to recognise the symptoms of a brain tumour as soon as a patient presents with symptoms. Any delay could be devastating for the patient and their loved ones, and have a lasting effect on their lives.

How Simpson Millar Can Help You

If you believe your brain tumour was misdiagnosed or diagnosed too late, our Medical Negligence Solicitors and may be able to help you claim compensation.

We offer a free claims assessment with legal advice, where we’ll speak with you about what you’ve gone through, and let you know if you have a good chance of making a successful claim. If we take on your case, we’ll carry out a detailed investigation working to prove that the care you received didn’t meet the standard you’d reasonably expect.

Our investigation will help us determine exactly much compensation you can claim, as we want to reach a settlement that not only reflects the pain, suffering and financial loss you’ve already gone through, but covers the cost of your future needs, such as specialist medical treatment and rehabilitation.

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