How to Find Planned Property Developments

Before you buy a house or a flat you’ll need to have some Property Searches carried out. One of the most important things to know is if a neighbour is erecting a two-storey extension, or if planning applications have been made for a new housing estate or commercial properties in the vicinity.

In terms of planning information, the Local Search only reveals entries relating to the property itself and doesn’t reveal any planning applications that relate to any neighbouring properties or land.

But our Conveyancing Solicitors can carry out additional Planning Searches such as the Plansearch Plus or DevAssist for an additional cost to Standard Property Searches of between £40-100 – ask us for a fixed fee quote.

The Plansearch Plus search will provide information on all planning activities in the vicinity of the property. So this is money well spent to find out if local development could affect your enjoyment of the property or impact on its value.

The Plansearch Plus search shows both small and large scale residential and commercial planning applications and also gives you additional useful information in relation to the area, such as data on property prices or educational performance of local schools, as well as details of land use designations in the area.

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Snapshot of the Planning Applications

As with all property searches, the Plansearch only gives a snapshot of the planning applications that have been made at the time that the search is carried out. This means that even if the search doesn’t reveal any planning issues at the time of your property purchase, there’s always a possibility that future planning applications can be made to the Local Authority which could impact on either the value of the property you’re buying or your enjoyment of it.

A DevAssist search report incorporates the information in a Plansearch Plus, but in addition, it also provides a professional opinion on the likelihood of future property development in the area.

So, by spending £40-100 on additional Planning Searches, you get a lot of important details which can help you to make an informed decision before you buy a home.

Standard Property Searches

As part of the Conveyancing process, your Conveyancer will carry out certain searches in relation to the property. The usual searches are Environmental, Drainage and Local Authority searches. There are also additional searches depending on the area, such as mining or brine searches. These searches relate to the property that you are buying and provide a wealth of important information about it.

The Environmental Search provides information in relation to issues such as contaminated land, historical land use, and the potential for flooding, natural subsidence, or radon in the area. The Drainage Search will provide information relating to whether the property is connected to mains water and sewerage and the location of drains and sewers.

Meanwhile, the Local Authority search contains a wide range of information including details of smoke control and tree preservation orders, road adoption and much more. It also contains details of the planning and building regulations history of the property.

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