£50,000 Compensation for Holiday Illness in Tunisia

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A Holiday Illness Claim Case Study – Client Situation

Our Holiday Claims Solicitors represented a man who fell ill with a gastric illness whilst on holiday at a hotel in Tunisia. At one point, he was so overcome with his illness that he fell unconscious in the toilet and hit his head on the floor.

It was several hours before he was discovered, and he had sustained lacerations to his lip and nose, as well as two broken teeth.

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How We Helped

After his return to the UK, the client contacted our Holiday Claims Solicitors for a free consultation and legal advice. Simpson Millar had already been contacted by a family who had stayed the same hotel in Tunisia and also been struck down with similar gastric illness symptoms. We therefore consolidated his claim with that of the other family and started to put together a case for compensation.

No stool samples had been taken by our client’s doctors following his holiday in Tunisia. We therefore had to ensure we obtained evidence that was thorough enough to make up for this.

We brought in a specialist Gastroenterologist and Microbiologist, who reviewed our client’s medical records and put together reports outlining his symptoms, along with the potential causes and his prognosis.

The doctors who examined our client also failed to note his brain trauma, so we arranged for a Neuropsychiatrist to consider its impact on his life. Furthermore, we instructed a restorative dentistry expert to consider the damage to his teeth and the need for future dentistry work to repair them.

We then obtained a report from an employment consultant so we could assess how much our client’s injuries had affected him financially.

We supported the medical evidence with witness evidence from claimants whose holiday illness claim cases had previously been settled. These were people who were willing to testify about the hygiene conditions at the hotel, as well as the illnesses and residual symptoms they had experienced.

This comprehensive evidence enabled us to accurately value our client’s claim, and we ensured that he was kept informed of any developments as the case progressed.

The Outcome

While the lack of stool samples at first presented a problem when putting together a strong claim, we were able to overcome this issue, and achieved a £50,000 compensation settlement for our client.

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