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Thomson Holidays rebranded as TUI so we've put together an updated guide to approaching them with a complaint, including their latest contact details.

Our Holiday Claims Solicitors specialise in helping holidaymakers who were sick on holiday or injured by an accident on holiday, but there are instances where specific complaints can be resolved by contacting your tour operator directly.

Here we explain how and when you should complain directly to TUI, what alternatives are available to you, as well as a how we can help you to claim compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Things to Consider before Contacting TUI

Regardless of what your complaint concerns, if you can speak to a TUI representative while still on holiday, it's advisable to do so. In addition to potentially resolving your complaint while still abroad and saving part of your holiday, doing so can be beneficial if you choose to speak to a Holiday Claims Solicitor.

It may also be beneficial to keep the following in mind when complaining to TUI:

  • Remember that TUI may record everything you say to them, so try not to exaggerate or say anything that could be seen as misleading, as this may discredit your complaint.

  • Be wary of accepting an offer of compensation, as once you do, TUI will likely view your complaint as being resolved and you may be unable to make an additional claim.

  • Carefully read any forms that you're asked to complete to ensure that you don't inadvertently waiver your consumer rights.

  • Although it's important to discuss your complaint with your tour operator, it's advisable to get legal advice from a Holiday Claims Solicitor, as they'll be able to explain your rights and provide you with advice on resolving your complaint, including whether you're entitled to compensation.

Your Rights if You Booked a Package Holiday through TUI 

If you booked a package holiday through TUI, then you're entitled to additional protection under The Package Travel Regulations 1992. This legislation is very beneficial to holidaymakers, as it makes the tour operator who you hold a contract with for your holiday responsible for taking reasonable steps to keep you safe abroad.

If they fail to do this and it's found that you suffered from an illness or accident that could have been prevented, then they can be seen as being in breach of contract and you may be entitled to compensation.

Below are examples of the types of complaints that you may be able to claim compensation for:

  • Food poisoning due to meals being inadequately cooked. For example; chicken that is still pink in the middle.

  • Becoming sick from consuming produce that has been contaminated at any stage of the supply chain.

  • Suffering illness due to inadequate hygiene processes.

  • Injury caused by an accident due to poor quality or incomplete maintenance work.

  • An accident caused by local safety standards not being observed.

What to do if you're sick on a TUI holiday

If you contract a gastric illness on holiday you should inform your tour operator right away. By making them aware of your condition, they should be able to provide you with access to healthcare and take steps to prevent the spread of infection if you've contracted a contagious pathogen.

It's advisable to see a medical practitioner as soon as possible. This doesn't need to be a resort doctor, but keep in mind that the sooner you receive medical aid, the sooner you're likely to recover.

If you believe that you're suffering from food poisoning, it's advisable to request a stool sample test to determine the pathogen that caused your condition, as this should mean that you'll receive the most appropriate treatment.

You should also gather evidence of the cause of your illness. This could be by taking pictures or recording video as this may help with your diagnosis and it can be helpful if you choose to speak to a Holiday Claims Solicitor once you return to the UK.

What to do if you're in an accident on a TUI holiday

If you're injured in an accident on holiday, make sure that a representative is aware of what happened and try to gather as much evidence as you can of the cause of your accident. It's inadvisable to rely on your own diagnosis, so as with a holiday illness; see a medical professional as soon as possible, as the extent of your injury might not be immediately apparent.

When to contact TUI

Although we'd recommend speaking to Holiday Claims Solicitor first, if your complaint surrounds a problem with your holiday other than an illness or accident, such as a flight delay, facilities being unavailable or if you feel that your holiday was mis-sold to you, we would usually recommend going directly to TUI with your complaint.

TUI complaints contact details

The TUI After Travel Customer Support team can be reached by completing their enquiry form, by calling them on 020 3451 2699, or by writing to them at the following address:

After Travel Customer Support

Wigmore House
Wigmore Lane

What to do if your complaint isn't resolved

If you don't reach a satisfactory resolution to your complaint after contacting TUI, there are other avenues to consider:

  • ABTA provides dispute resolution services that might help, however, it's important to be aware that ABTA isn't entirely independent of British tour operators, which could arguably be seen as giving them an unfair advantage.

  • An alternative to this process is to speak with Citizens Advice. They should provide you with impartial advice and they may be able to find an alternative arbitration service to help you to resolve your complaint.

Advice on Complaining to TUI

In addition to keeping your tour operator advised of your condition and recording evidence, it can also help if a witness can support your complaint. Speak to other guests who were either similarly affected or witnessed the issue that you are complaining about, and ask if they would be happy to exchange contact details.

Keep hold of any paperwork that you're given and if you do speak to a holiday representative while at your resort, ask them for a written acknowledgement of your complaint.

When speaking to your tour operator, whether over the phone, in a letter, through the internet or in person, ensure that you explain you're as concise as possible. It can be difficult, especially in the face of so much disappointment, but try to stay calm and don't use emotive language, sticking solely to the facts. This can be achieved by putting the key points of your complaint into bullet points.

Find out if you're entitled to No Win, No Fee compensation

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This information was originally published on our website on 18/12/2017.

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